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Bohinj, 27.11.2013
Award received by the International Wild Flower Festival

Award received by the International Wild Flower Festival

In November 2013, the meeting of the members of EDEN (European Destinations of Excellence) took place in Brussels. In 2010, Bohinj already participated in the competition for title European Destination of Excellence. At that time, we did not receive the award, however, we were awarded the title EDEN Finalist (EDEN RUNNER UP). The public tender for winning the title Destination of Excellence is published every two years according to each annual theme. Accessible tourism was the theme of excellence for the 2013 EDEN competition. In Slovenia, this title was awarded to Laško, which became the sixth Destination of Excellence.

Within the scope of this year's programme of EDEN competition, awards were given for the first time for innovative tourist projects. Turizem Bohinj organisation applied with the International Wild Flower Festival and won a special award. This most certainly confirms the recognition of this high quality tourist product, which does not only impact the development of the local community, but via the Wild Flower Europe project it is also expanding to other European countries.

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