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Opinions of the Festival at the 10th anniversary

The story of the Wild Flower Festival – an inspiring story about biodiversity and sustainable tourism in Bohinj

The International Wild Flower Festival project which focuses on the floral richness in Bohinj, Triglav National Park and Slovenia, is an innovative and attractive way for the locals and foreign visitors to experience Bohinj and Slovenia in a special way, at the same time, the festival is closely connected to the culture and tradition of this destination in a unique and sustainable manner.

Innovation and creativity as well as significant contribution of the project to to tourism in Bohinj, the surrounding area and entire Slovenia was also recognised in 2011 by the Sejalec expert committe which selected the project as one of two finalists for the Sejalec award. This superb and sustainable tourist product has not been left unnoticed by the international expert public. In 2007, the year of biodiversity, the World Tourist Organisation listed it on its website among the articles under the section entitled "Inspiring Story on Biodiversity".

Congratulations to Tourism Bohinj organisation for this innovative and creative project that does not only motivate the sustainable development of our country and its tourist offer on paper, but it realises it through an excellent tourist product in one of the most unspoiled corners of Slovenia.

Maja Pak, MSc, Director of Slovenian Tourist Board

Thousands and thousands of flowers abound across the meadows in the upper and lower Bohinj valleys. Once we get used to this beauty, we cannot take our eyes off of this immense richness of nature in this part of the world. This is quite obvious for locals, but for someone who moved to Bohinj, this is the most beautiful thing that this place has to offer. The meadows between Češnjica and Srednja vas villages in the upper part of the valley (as well as elsewhere) literally cover the area and decorate the passing road. One reason more to get out of the car, breathe in the fresh spring air, catch a bee or bumblebee with your eye or just sit down and join the colourful company of meadow inhabitants. A unique introduction, invitation and reason to visit the events during the unique International Wild Flower Festival, which invites you to learn, admire, respect and protect the beauty of nature for the tenth year in a row. Welcome!

Majda Odar, Triglav National Park public institution

Congratulations to the International Wild Flower Festival for 10 years of celebrating the unique natural and cultural heritage of Bohinj. What a joy it has been to be involved in these ten years and a privilege to have worked with so many talented and hard-working people with a commitment to making the Festival grow and thrive.  I especially treasure having been welcomed to the heart of a wonderful local community of colleagues and friends whose warmth, generosity, friendship and enthusiasm have been central to the festivals success. Congratulations and thanks to them all, to the dedicated team who make things run smoothly and to those who had the vision to support the Festival through the early days of its development. I hope the future will continue to be bright and that the purpose of the Festival remains strong and relevant for another 10 years.

Pat Buchanan

Can it really be 10 years since the first Bohinj International Wild Flower Festival? Can it really be 34 years since I first visited Slovenija?  Where have all the days, weeks, months and years gone?  It seems just a couple of years ago that I was talking to people about a crazy idea to promote the world class natural and cultural heritage of Bohinj with a Wild Flower Festival.

And here we are in 2016 not only celebrating the 10th annual Bohinj International Wild Flower Festival, but we are also able to look back at some of the many the awards, accolades and achievements that the Festival has gained over those years.  There are far too many high points to mention here but from my perspective I think the festival can be judged a success because Bohinj is now on the world map of places to visit for its nature and culture!

Internationally known botanist, Bob Gibbons, includes Bohinj and the Julian Alps in the list of the world’s top 50 places to see wild flowers.  Botanists and lovers of nature from all over the world visit Bohinj and many are coming now for the Festival as it is becoming more and more well known. Did you know that this year, a group from the Scottish Rock Garden Club will come to enjoy the nature and culture of your beautiful countryside and help celebrate its wild flowers and meadows?

Let’s not forget these wild flowers and their meadows are not just there for the tourists, they are there because of hundreds and hundreds of years of careful and sustainable alpine agriculture.  Farmers, foresters, cheese-makers, iron smelters, mountaineers, and of course, tourists have all left their mark on the Bohinj landscape.  However the success of the Festival comes down to the ingenuity, enthusiasm, creativity and determination of the Bohinj people, both young and old.

A lot has changed in the last 10 years, but a lot has stayed the same too.  For me Bohinj remains a friendly and beautiful place, as it was when I discovered it over 30 years ago.  It really is an oasis of wild flowers and friendships.

I wish to send my deep thanks and congratulations to everyone who has contributed to the Festival over the last 10 years from Presidents to primary children, from countries near and far, and of course, to Turizem Bohinj and all the many festival supporters past and present.

Ian Mitchell

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