International Wild Flower Festival - Bohinj, Slovenia
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Organizer of International Wild Flower Festival is Turizem Bohinj.

International Wild Flower Festival, Bohinj - Slovenia

Bohinj lies at the heart of the Julian Alps. The biggest attraction of this popular tourist destination is Lake Bohinj, surrounded by a chain of mountains. More than two thirds of Bohinj is inside the Triglav National Park.

In Bohinj we are aware of the exceptional importance of protecting and conserving the environment.
Proud of our natural and cultural heritage, we wish to develop a form of tourism that will be sustainable in orientation and at the same time economically effective.

Two years ago we decided to follow the suggestion of conservationist Ian Mitchell, who has been coming to Bohinj for many years, and organise an international wildflower festival, the main objectives of which are:

  • promotion and recognition of the importance of the natural and cultural heritage of Bohinj and the wider area;
  • presentation of the importance of correct management of the area according to the principles of sustainable development, manifested in the simultaneous protection of the rich biological diversity of the natural environment and an improvement of the cultural and economic situation of the population;
  • a practical illustration of how ecotourism and alpine farming can be key elements of the long-term economic prospects of the area and at the same time a model of development opportunities for other mountain areas in Slovenia;
  • development of out-of-season tourism.

The International Wildflower Festival consists of three main sections:

  • Flowers in Art represents the cultural part of the festival: concerts art and photography exhibitions, art workshops, reviving old customs (e.g. village singing).
  • Flowers in Everyday Life (in the kitchen, handicrafts, etc.):
    presented in a work entitled "Flowers at Home".
  • The technical part of the festival, entitled Flowers in Science, includes a series of seminars and conferences on the theme of sustainable development.

Visitors can also take part in daily guided excursions, photography workshops, children's workshops, and so on.

Come to the festival and keep blooming!

Organizer of the International Wild Flower Festival
Turizem (LTO) Bohinj
Klemen Langus, Director


Co-organizer of International Wild Flower Festival is Triglav National Park.

Flowers are like ambassadors, since their diversity shows us the importance of plants, which are necessary for our survival. Symbolically, this life force is expressed by the mythological Triglav flower or potentilla nitida that gives strength to wounded nature. Since it is embedded in the logo of Triglav National Park, it is our duty and responsibility to preserve the tradition of sustainable use of plants and raise awareness about their importance.

And the Wild Flower Festival offers an exceptional opportunity for this!

Dr. Bogomil Breznik, Deputy Director

General patron

General patron of International Wild Flower Festival is Franc Kramar, mayor of the municipality Bohinj.

International Wild Flower Festival, Bohinj - Slovenia

Bohinj is by nature an extraordinary area in which a range of different characteristics interweave and surround us, residents and visitors alike. This is often pointed out to us by those frequent and less frequent visitors to Bohinj who sometimes see things that we ourselves overlook.

This year we are organising again Bohinj International Wildflower Festival. We are delighted that the President of the Republic of Slovenia has agreed to act as patron of honour of the Festival.

It is my hope that the Festival will also serve as a reminder that we must conduct ourselves appropriately in the natural environment and avoid activities that harm the natural riches that have been entrusted to us.

Franc Kramar, mayor of the municipality Bohinj


International Wild Flower Festival, Bohinj - Slovenia
Honorable patron

Honorable patron of International Wild Flower Festival is Borut Pahor, president of the Republic of Slovenia.

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