International Wild Flower Festival - Bohinj, Slovenia
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Even before 100 years ago when the railway enabled the development of tourism in Bohinj, people had visited Bohinj by carriages or on their own feet so they could see and admire the picturesque and interesting flora and the beauty of nature.

International Wild Flower Festival - Bohinj, Slovenia

Balthazar Hacquet (1739 or 1740 - 1815), renown Breton natural scientist, traveller and explorer, wrote passionately on botanical riches of Bohinj mountains in his Oryctographia Carniolica which was issued in three parts in Leipzig during 1778 and 1789:

"Oh, how many times I wanted to live my life here as a shepherd, to be able to explore this landscape full of beautiful flowers! How many rare flowers, which I will not be able to see otherwise, could I find there! The mighty mountain range has a number of different climates; therefore many various plants grow there! The part that faces the sea is constantly covered with sun rays. The northern side does not see the sun at all ..."

Many other explorers and admirers of Bohinj's botanical riches followed him. From early spring, when first flowers sneak out from under the snow, until autumn, Bohinj offers the experience of magnificent beauties of alpine flowers.

International Wild Flower Festival - Bohinj, Slovenia

The festival will last for a fortnight and provide a bouquet of events that have one thing in common the presentation of alpine flowers in all kinds of environment in Bohinj (along the waters, meadows, hills, mountains). The purpose of this festival is to remind the local people and the visitors of the unique natural advantage of Bohinj as a tourist destination in the sense of nature preservation and tourism. On the other hand we wish to develop more tourist-like products that are connected to Bohinj's natural and cultural heritage, Triglav National Park and similar trends.

International Wild Flower Festival - Bohinj, Slovenia

The people of the Bohinj area of Slovenia are rightly proud of their long alpine farming heritage and the high quality of their environment. Wild Flowers continue to this day to play an important part in our local culture and while farming methods are changing and young people are becoming less directly involved in managing the land, there is a strong desire to promote and raise awareness of our unique natural and cultural heritage. It is with this background that the local community in 2007 held the first ever "Bohinj International Wild Flower Festival".

It is in part, through their efforts that we now feel confident enough to promote our heritage more widely afield and hold such a Festival.

During the Festival we propose to have three main "themes" for the many events which will be dispersed throughout the area at different venues.

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