International Wild Flower Festival - Bohinj, Slovenia
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Project: Naturally Bohinj - the promotion of nature conservation within the Bohinj International Wild Flower Festival

Cooperation Internacionale, Principauté de Monaco




Every year, in May, an International Wild Flower Festival is held in Bohinj. Among the diverse activities are botanical guided walks and workshops about interpretation of natural and cultural heritage. The Festival is rapidly getting more and more international recognition but, with a few exceptions, its organizers lack both a detailed knowledge of nature conservation and professionally trained guides.

Research and communication activities are proposed to (1) assure the support of nature conservation experts and local people, (2) educate local guides and (3) improve public awareness.

An Inventory of wild flowers will be made utilising expert and local knowledge. Stories and legends will be gathered and through the interpretation process and cooperation of partners, this will be developed into interpretational guided walks.

Trained local guides, higher public awareness as well as increased support from the municipality for nature conservation will be among the most important outcomes. Also a partnership between the Institute, Triglav National Park (TNP) and Turizem Bohinj (the local tourism organization) would create an opportunity to strengthen the local, national and international approach of the festival towards nature conservation and sustainable tourism.


About festival

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Strateški projekt SLOW TOURISM sofinanciran v okviru Programa čezmejnega sodelovanja Slovenija-Italija 2007-2013 iz sredstev Evropskega sklada za regionalni razvoj in nacionalnih sredstev.
Progetto SLOW TOURISM finanziato nell'ambito del Programma per la Cooperazione Transfrontaliera Italia-Slovenia 2007-2013, dal Fondo europeo di sviluppo regionale e dai fondi nazionali.
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