December 10, 2018


2018 // 240 years of the first ascent to Mt Triglav

In the year of 2018, Bohinj will commemorate a rather special anniversary of the ascent to Triglav – an act people of Bohinj are very proud of.

In 1777, one year prior to the first ascenders, Balthasar Hacquet, a renowned scientist vigorously examining minerals and botany but also a determined mountaineer, attempted to reach the first recorded ascent. He ascended Mali Triglav via mountain pastures Konjščica and Velo polje. This route is since known as the Bohinj ascent.

Next year 4 brave men from Bohinj were the first to climb Triglav. These were the surgeon Lovrenz Willomitzer from Stara Fužina, the miner Luka Korošec from Gorjuše, the chamois hunter Matevž Kos from Jereka and, last but not least, Štefan Rožič from Savica.

The ascent took three days and on 26 August 1778, the four brave men reached its peak via Zeleni plaz. Upon descending, they were setting up stone marks and thus recorded the path leading to Triglav.

Slovenes were then formally recognized as one of the Alpine nations, mountaineers and enthusiasts, who have with scientific expeditions and caution, planning and enthusiasm reached about everything that was reachable with the then equipment. Amongst the biggest mythological peaks in the Alps, Triglav was ascended 8 years before Mont Blanc, 22 before Grossglockner and 87 before Matterhorn. Other peaks may be higher than Triglav and the difference in years obscures the real achievement of getting to the top, but nevertheless, Slovenes have climbed all that we could – amongst the first. Our determination to reach the peaks, as the 4 brave men carry the mountain tradition in all of us, was long ago proven by generations of our mountaineers and climbers on all world continents, as we were the first to climb new routes and ascend to the top of the then unreachable peaks.

Slovenes can be categorized as one of the biggest Alpine nations and both our place and home is here – in the Julian Alps, the Karavanke, the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, on the Pohorje, Gorjanci, Nanos, Slavnik and Snežnik mountains. This is a well-known fact embodied in every single Slovene wanting to reach one’s peak. However, Bohinj represents the cradle of Slovene mountaineering.



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