September 10, 2018


2017 // From peak to peak, from pass to pass

This year, we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Bohinj Trail that offers 36 alpine points and comprises 8 mountains higher than 2000 metres. Every year, all persistent mountaineers who have collected stamps from all the described peaks are awarded.


Bohinj has always been the best starting point for exploring the world below Mt Triglav, hence the mountain itself was first climbed by four men from Bohinj, who were brave enough to reach its peak.

And it could not be any different. The pastures in Bohinj are connected by various trails (more than 300 km of marked trails). In summer, farmers drive animals to the pastures where the farmers make cheese. In the past, people used to search and dig for iron ore on various pastures. The trails and paths are well spread also due to grazing and iron ore.

Many of them can be walked when motivated by good will and appropriate shoes, others however, present a special challenge. Not everyone has to climb Mt Triglav, since a walk along the lake can be a true experience of colours and light, magnificent views and idyllic corners in an oasis of unspoiled nature.


Dear hikers, do approach the mountains with respect and get well prepared – PLEASE do get enough information about the routes – elevation, distances, shelter options, also consider the weather and prepare accordingly – if not self-confident in your trekking experiences, get a professional guide. Do not underestimate the mountains and do not leave the marked trails – it can backfire in so many ways.

We hope we do not have to stress specifically, that alcohol and drugs do not belong on the hiking trails and that you should not destroy mountain flora and other vegetation or disturb the animals and other hikers. And please, take your litter back to the valley.

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