September 7, 2018


2017 // Celebrating queens of Bohinj mountain pastures

The charm of the Bohinj valley has always been that undefined set-back-in-time way of life, where every year in May alpine herdsmen still go to the high mountain pastures to take care of the cattle, produce milk and cheese as they have done for centuries.

The Cows’ Ball is a traditional event in Bohinj, which is a unique celebration of the return of the cows to the valley. Shepherds and farmers return to the valley with their cattle.

In the idyllic environment of Ukanc village the Cows’ Ball offers various alpine farming, rural and forestry traditions, crafts, musical performances, folk dance groups and culinary experiences. This year’s programme is also quite diverse–perfect for children and adults, locals and visitors. Guests can even spice up the event by taking an autumn swim in the lake or taking a relaxing walk to the Savica Waterfall.

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