June 29, 2021


An exquisite treat for all classical music lovers

“It is our great pleasure to recommend you to spend a few summer evenings in Bohinj by visiting our concerts during the 24rd Summer Music Festival in Bohinj. In the wonderful ambience of St Martin’s Church in Srednja vas and the Culture Hall in Bohinjska Bistrica, we want to create an atmosphere that will make the summer of 2020 even more colourful and give you wonderful memories of Bohinj. We have put all efforts in creating an attractive and interesting programme with top quality local and foreign musical artists. We hope that all music lovers will be able to enjoy this great mosaic of music that we have produced for all kinds of musical tastes. We invite you to view the programme and make your choice. You are warmly invited!”

Roman Leskovic, Art Director
Klemen Langus, Director, Turizem Bohinj

The Summer Music Festival in Bohinj is in complete harmony with the environment, where it enthuses visitors every summer. The amazing acoustic ambience of St Martin’s Church in Srednja vas and the exceptional natural and cultural landscape of Bohinj feature top Slovenian and foreign music artists who overwhelm visitors with their voices and instruments. And this seems completely normal. For the 25th consecutive year, the festival will tingle all the attendees’ senses. Classical music performed by premium musicians is perhaps not what a random visitor would expect in this hidden valley of Bohinj. However, every year the festival proves that major concerts and grand musicians do not only perform on big concert stages in European capitals but are also hosted in intimate environments, such as the beautiful Bohinj. Every concert is an exceptional experience for classical music buffs, and it will also get under the skin of those who are not that interested in this type of music.

Every year, the programme features diverse pieces for all kinds of musical tastes. We believe that every visitor will be overwhelmed. Many things have been said and written about the proven positive effects of classical music on our body and soil, therefore, we invite you to experience this by yourselves. Live concerts in Bohinj.


 1st concert: DITKA Trio

  • Saturday, 24 July, at 20.30
  • Location: Cultural hall Joža Ažmana, Bohinjska Bistrica

2nd concert: Vita Peterlin in Philipp Scheucher                                           

  • Thursday, 29 July, at 20.30
  • Location: St Martin’s Church, Srednja vas in Bohinj

3rd concert: Bernarda Fink Inzko, Marcos Fink in Vladimir Mlinarič  

  • Thursday, 12 August, at 20.30
  • Location: St Martin’s Church, Srednja vas in Bohinj

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