September 12, 2017


It is accessible by the road running from Bohinjska Bistrica towards the village of Ravne.

The military cemetery, where the soldiers who died during the First World War in Bohinjska Bistrica are buried, is situated on the Rebro hill. Here you can pay your respects to the 285 soldiers of different nations buried in marked graves: 202 from infantry units, 55 from technical and other units, 19 from artillery units and 9 Russian captives. They died in one of the two hospitals in Bohinjska Bistrica, and were buried from 1915 to 1917. In 1945, a stone monument was also set up in the cemetery.

The location of the cemetery is also the perfect starting point for numerous walks (e.g. to the source of the Bistrica river) and hikes to the lower Bohinj mountains.


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