June 7, 2018


It is located in the park facing the Hotel Jezero near the Church of St. John. One of the first ascenders is pointing to the summit of Mount Triglav.

The four brave men from Bohinj were the first to climb to the summit of Mount Triglav as early as on 26 August 1778. Encouraged by Baron Žiga Zois, a central figure of Slovenian enlightenment, this adventure was undertaken by Lovrenc Willomitzer (a doctor from Stara Fužina), hunter Štefan Rožič, miner Matija Kos from Jereka, and Luka Korošec from Koprivnik.

This achievement has been commemorated by the monument in Ribčev Laz. It was made by Stojan Batič and erected at the 200th anniversary of the first ascent of Mount Triglav.


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Z nadaljnjo uporabo strani se strinjate z uporabo piškotkov. VEČ