January 25, 2018


In the past, granaries were the only buildings built of stone besides churches

They were used as a storehouse for grain and other crops. 6 granaries can still be found in Bohinj, two of them in the village of Srednja vas and four in the village or Ravne. These protected monuments were built in the 17th and 18th century.


The oldest granaries in the area of Bohinj are situated in Srednja vas. They are known as Španova kašča and Prežljeva kašča, and were built in the beginning of the 17th century. The granaries in Ravne are about 100 year older (Rozmanova, Cjanova, Pavlova and Pangrcova kašča). All of them are protected monuments and can only be admired from the outside.

Granaries are an interesting example of farmhouse architecture. The paintings on the granaries in Bohinj* show how significant they were regarded by their owners. They also show the wide cultural horizons of the settlers of Bohinj and the Alpine environment of that time.

The modest yet modern art easily followed the one in other Carniolan areas. Additionally, the carefully and nicely painted granaries contradict the perception of farmers as the bottom social class and place them in a special class that, at least in their own circles, expresses a strong feeling of affiliation.

* The paintings on the granaries in Srednja vas have unfortunately completely fainted, mostly because of their exposed location next to the main road through the village.


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