June 11, 2018


Location: next to the Zlatorog - Savica road, just under the lower Vogel cable car station.

During 1915 – 1917, Bohinj was the support area of the Isonzo Front. Many wounded were transported from the hospital on the Komna plateau down to the Bohinj valley. The fallen soldiers were buried at different places. Some of them were laid to rest in this smaller military cemetery in Ukanc.

The military cemetery lies on a gentle slope below the lower Vogel cable car station, above the road leading towards the Savica Waterfall. There are 282 graves in straight rows, surrounded by natural stones, with wooden crosses on concrete pedestals. The cemetery is enclosed by a wooden fence.

At the end of the path leading from the entrance with a forged iron door and a portal bearing the dates 1914 – 1918, there is a 1.5-metre stone monument, dedicated to the fallen soldiers, the heroes of Krn and the defenders of Bohinj in the years from 1915 to 1916, which is emphasised by the German and Slovenian inscriptions.

A wooden chapel, made from spruce logs and covered with shingles, maintained by the local painter Valentin Hodnik for several years, stands in the middle of the cemetery. There is a smaller tower on top of it. In front of the chapel, there are a few stone steps. A memorial plaque to the dead soldiers of different nations is built in the pedestal.


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