June 14, 2018

PRŠIVEC (1761 M)

Medium difficulty level tour. One of the most spectacular viewpoints of Bohinj.


  • The slopes on the southern side of the mountain hide an entrance into the cave Govic, where a waterfall Govic appears whenever there’s heavy rainfall.
  • Marjan Lipovšek, a Slovenian pianist, composer and alpinist, described the peak as »the Balcony of Bohinj«
  • Ski touring is possible (although only recommended for those that know the area well or are accompanied by a guide): touring skis or snowshoes

There are several marked trails starting at different points going up to Pršivec:

  • From Stara Fužina over to Vogar (continuing via Vodični vrh or via Planina pri Jezeru)
  • From Stara Fužina and Vogar following the high edge over the Hebat mountain pasture
  • From Ukanc via Koča pri Savici and Komarča


  • Altitude at the top: 1,761 m
  • The difference in altitude from the valley to the top is almost 1200 meters
  • It takes approx. 4 hours to reach the top and 3 hours to descend
  • There’s a visitors’ box at the top
  • The trails to Pršivec are marked and of medium-difficulty level
  • When taking the trail leading through Komarča, we recommend using a helmet as well as an ice-pick and crampons in the winter time


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