July 17, 2019


A perfect starting point for a variety of shorter and longer hiking and cycling trips. Second highest Alpine road pass in Slovenia.

On Soriška Planina you will find loads of interesting for spending quality time in the great outdoors.



Nearby peaks that offer fantastic views:

  • Dravh (1548 m)
  • Lajnar (1549 m)
  • Slatnik (1609 m),
  • Možic (1603 m)
  • Šavnik (1516 m)

Ideas for more experienced hikers:

  • across Vrh Bače to Kobla (1450 m)
  • to Črna prs (1792 m)
  • across Danjarska planina to a 1,679m high lookout location Altemaver
  • to the hut on Ratitovec (1667 m)

Thematic routes: Border of Rapallo

The theme route on the Rapallo Border crosses peaks that surround Soriška Planina. On your own or with an experienced guide, on foot, by bicycle or with the chairlift, visitors can embark on a journey across comfortable military routes, passing cast iron observation posts, bunkers and army barracks that deliver spectacular views of the Julian Alps, Lake Bohinj, the Škofja Loka hills, valley of the Bača River, and Sorica.


Hikers can enjoy on the trails in all seasons of the year. We strongly recommend you to follow the weather forecast and hike with proper equipment.


MOUNTAIN BIKING (for experienced hikers)

  • Follow the old military mule trails, experienced cyclists can head up to the peaks of Šavnik, Možic and all the way to Baško Sedlo
  • One of the most beautiful routes downhill takes you from the top of Lajnar through Kovce to Podbrdo
  • In summer the Žvau competition trail is arranged
  • Access the top of Lajnar during summer is also possible by the Lajnar two-seat chairlift

Slovenian Alpine Cycle-Touring Trail

  • Also crosses Soriška Planina
  • The trail stamp can be found in the Brunarica guesthouse (next to the car park)
  • Find more information at Official PZS site

Road cycling

  • Soriška Planina is the second-highest Alpine road pass in Slovenia
  • In summer, road cyclists can climb up to Soriška Planina from three directions; fromŽelezniki and Sorica, from Podbrdo and Petrovo Brdo, and from Bohinjska Bistrica.
  • More information about the pass: AMZS: Soriška planina

Other interesting facts

  • Starting point for experienced paragliders

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