January 30, 2018

STUDOR (1002 M)

A less know, but equally interesting viewpoint, which boast a unique view of Lake Bohinj and the upper Bohinj valley


From Hudičev most (the Devil’s bridge) (follow the path leading to Uskovnica starting just before the bridge) through a beech forest to the Blatce mountain pasture (839 m) on a marked and beaten track. Here the trail splits. To reach Studor mountain, take a sharp right turn and continue on an unmarked forest trail towards the panoramic grassy mountain ridge on the western edge of the mountain.


  • altitude at the top: 1,002 m
  • walking time: 1 hour
  • the difference in altitude is 456 meters
  • the view of Lake Bohinj starts at the paragliding take-off point
  • the view of Zgornja dolina is better on the eastern side, from the cut-off edge above the village Studor


Mount Studor got its shape by being exposed to nature for centuries. Together with Rudnica it was first cut by a glacier. Then a strong earthquake destroyed the eastern slope of the mountain, giving it a triangular shape, which forms a precipice over the village Studor below.  The mighty boulders underneath the mountain are a true remainder of this, as well as its name (podor, zdor, podzdor… = fall / rockfall / crumble). The older village was located further west, whereas the newer farms were built more to the east. As the story goes, on the seventh day after the earthquake the locals could still hear the cockcrow of the cock, caught under the rocks.

The silent witnesses of the earthquake are also the natural column in the wall of Studor (Babji zob = Herridan’s tooth), numerous abysses, breaches and cracks/holes. Upon visiting one of these holes, namely the Pidrovčova luknja (777 m), Janez Pikon wrote that its size and shape reminds him of a small church with a sandy and inclined bottom, facing east. He also noticed the hand leveled sandy floor on the south-western side of the abyss, still showing traces of a man-made living or resting place.


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