January 30, 2018


Easy reachable "family« viewpoint that offers spectacular views of the Bohinj valley and its surrounding mountains

It got its name from Valentin Vodnik, who spent three years serving as a parish priest in Koprivnik, admiring the wonderful views of the Bohinj valley and its surrounding mountains. This is why the locals still call it Gospodovec (Seignior).


  • altitude at the top: 1,017 m
  • walking time from Koprivnik: 30 minutes; difference in altitude: 40 m
  • walking time from Jereka: 1 hour and 15 minutes; difference in altitude: 387 m
  • both trails are marked and technically undemanding
  • the trail from Jereka is paved
  • due to its altitude the viewpoint often reaches up through the fog in the valley


Valentin Vodnik

Valentin Vodnik spent three years in Koprivnik, serving as a parish priest of the newest parish in Bohinj (1758 – 1819). Here he met the owner of the ironworks, Žiga Zois. Žiga Zois became his literary mentor, educating him to become the first Slovenian poet and journalist whilst also sparking in him an interest in the mountains and mineralogy. His works mainly focused on educating the people at large and rarely came from his personal experiences. After spending a few years »at the source of his inspiration« he found it difficult to leave Bohinj, but found it necessary to move to Ljubljana due to better opportunities for literary work there.

Stone paved trail from Jereka to Koprivnik

The trail was paved in the 18th century for the transportation of iron ore and charcoal from Pokljuka. The grooves from the carts’ wheels can still be seen in the stones of the trail. The starting point of the trail is the bridge in the village of Jereka, ascending to Koprivnik, right beneath Vodnikov razglednik. The trail was built following the ancient north-south route, which had been used as a trade route before the cart trail was built.


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