January 25, 2018


The clock tower was installed by Žiga Zois to make sure that the ironworkers arrived at work on time

The Zois Manor and the park with the Zois clock tower are situated on the west edge of the Bohinjska Bistrica village (Grajska ulica 14) next to the Bohinjska Bistrica stream. The manor and its surrounding facilities have now been transformed into a restaurant and pizzeria in a medieval style, known by the name of Zoisov grad.


According to the data of a reputable Slovenian castle expert Ivan Stopar and the real estate registry of cultural heritage, the manor was built as early as in the 17th century. According to Janez Vajkard Valvasor, the manor was built by the Locatelli family, and later it passed into the hands of the Zois family, together with the mines and ironworks. The two-storey building with a rectangular ground plan has two rectangular towers of the same height on the sides and a protruding part on the courtyard facade.

The described structure of the Zois Manor has been maintained to this day, however all the architectural features have been changed. The windows have been enlarged and its rectangular stone frames were replaced by window sills and cornices made from artificial stone. The coat-of-arms above the entrance portal is a special feature, dating to the second half of the 18th century. The round shaped vault with triangle recesses in the lower part has been preserved to this day.

A park from the 18th century is located next to the manor. It includes a yard, a simple wall-enclosed sitting area in the east part, a field in the north part, and the Master’s Garden with the clock tower in the south part.


The Master’s Garden is located south of the manor and it features a clock tower installed by the Baron Žiga Zois, because he wanted to ensure that the ironworkers arrived at work on time. It was built in the form of a tower with wooden upper part, wooden shingle covered roof, a clock and four plates. The clock tower was renovated a few years ago and it is still working. The Master’s Garden is arranged as a pleasant park area, where you can relax and recover your strength.


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