May 11, 2019


We are proud of our unique festival

Spring is most beautiful in Bohinj. Not because it is not beautiful elsewhere, but because it seems quite different and special in Bohinj. After a long winter, when the peaks are covered in snow and the white colour reflects on the lake surface, the forests are still freshly green, the trees, meadows, slopes and even the rocks are in bloom …

The richness of flowers and colours seems more intense than in other places. The shadows of the mountains and clouds constantly change the image of the blossomy landscape. The real explosion of colours happens in May and June when the annual Wild Flower Festival takes place in Bohinj. All of Bohinj blossoms in thousands of shades.

Read the story at the bottom of this page about how our headstrong and unpredictable Spring chooses its dresses.  


Festival features a very diverse programme. Traditional expert and visitor-oriented topics and lectures will be held every day. Guided botanical walks and themed excursions, workshops and other events are intended for all generations and admirers of flowers, nature, and herbs and for discovering new knowledge. Some festival events have been implemented in the past and we have also added new ones that are intended for children and those who want to experience nature early in the morning. Everyone can find something for themselves.

The pre-festival events start in the weekend before the official opening of the festival with a true treat for families: Zlatorog Fairy Trail Weekend.

Do not miss the cultural and musical events, concerts and performances that will be featured within the scope of the festival programme. This year, the villages of Bohinj will also be actively included in the festival programme, because they will feature festival events in their village centres, and various inns will offer flower menus. The number of visitors to the festival grows every year. In more than a decade, the festival has developed into an extensive event that inspires and expands its circle of fans and admirers.


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Today, the festival connects the people of Bohinj with guests who know how to appreciate the efforts to preserve the natural heritage and the balance between people and fragile nature. Perhaps the magic of the festival is right in the fact that this is “our” festival. The people of Bohinj are integrated into the festival with our work, all invested time, efforts and hospitality. And we should not forget about the cuisine. The flora and herbal richness have paved the way to our inns and homes, therefore Bohinj is becoming even more distinguished by its exceptional traditional cuisine.


The International Wild Flower Festival is a time when the people of Bohinj can show the best of Bohinj to visitors when we can all enjoy the magnificent natural background of the colourful meadows and mighty mountains, and the pristine image of all the richness of the traditions and the original way of life. We can be really proud of ourselves and our unique festival.




Spring is the focal point of this year’s festival, thus it is written with a capital letter

Author: Marko Viduka, translation: Doris Sodja 

The Bohinj Spring is unique in our Julian Alps. It has already started and winter has not yet said goodbye. Our Spring comes in waves. Small or big. It usually visits us many times. Sometimes twice, or even three times a year. While the people in Bohinj are happy to see the first dandelions, they get quickly covered by snow. What can be more beautiful? We all know that winter is still tussling with spring and when the last snow finally disappears in the valley, all the dandelions have already been eaten on the other side of the Bohinj and Tolmin mountains, i.e. in the Primorska region, and that’s the second time that we can pick dandelions in Bohinj. Or the third time.

Spring in Bohinj is quite headstrong and unpredictable. It rushes or takes its time. It bathes in the sun or hides, but if it shows itself, it often dances in the rain. The Bohinj Spring can be good or a little bit naughty. In short … It is quite strong headed and acts just like the wind blows. In reality, our Spring is like any woman, standing in front of a wardrobe, choosing from among many dresses, changing them and then looking at herself for a long time in the mirror. In Bohinj, this mirror is the lake, in which the Spring observes itself. And it’s Summer, taking her on a date … “Come on, get dressed up! We will be late for our dance!”

There were occasions in Bohinj when autumn came before the true Spring had shown its face. Last year, the Bohinj Spring took quite some time to reveal itself. But most commonly, it whirls its flowery skirt around Bohinj at the end of May and the beginning of June. Right at the time of the International Wild Flower Festival and at the time when the Spring shows its best colours. Last year, it danced to Bohinj at the end of the Festival and was about three weeks late … Oh, it can be quite stubborn!

But it is the conceitedness and the moodiness of our Spring that we can thank for the immense botanical richness, given to us by
our mountains and blossoming pastures in the valley. At the end of winter, our Spring heads off to Trieste, to the seaside, to choose the right patterns of its dress. Rather than driving back from the seaside by train through the Bohinj tunnel, our Spring climbs up the mountain and then shouts from the peaks of the lower Bohinj mountain range, so that all the people in Bohinj can hear it and only wonder what she is wearing and how she should just come off the mountain or stop shouting. Up at the mountain top, the Spring acts like a teeny-bopper, where the winds from Primorska lift her skirt, and the land beneath Bohinj wags its finger at it to at least put on its thick woollen plaid. We never know how fashionable this year’s Spring will be and which fashion magazines it has skimmed through during winter. Will it turn south or north?

The myriad of weather impacts from the Mediterranean and the Alps shows its best face in spring. Bohinj is not the only place in the Alps where two very strong creators of biodiversity collide. The Italians or the French could easily organise a similar festival. But they don’t. The uniqueness of our festival just has to be admired. The Bohinj International Wild Flower Festival takes place on the brinks and in the heart of the Triglav National Park. The unrepeatable and preserved environment attracts experts and enthusiasts who admire our wonderfully attired spring. But the international reputation of the festival could not be achieved only by the spring and the beauties of the national park – the locals are just as important.

Every year, the festival connects local people and local communities. Through the years, it has outgrown the admiration of nature,
the relationship with nature, walks, flower photographing, symposia and floral cuisine. It has become a festival that connects and
strengthens the intergenerational ties in the community. More and more young people see the value and meaning of cooperating in the festival programme.

We have taken the festival for our own and this is what makes it great and exceptional! Our unique festival does not only worship our Spring and natural botanical diversity. The exceptional idea of worshipping the botanical diversity in Bohinj has been exceeded by a different festival world. This is the contact between festival guests and visitors who admire the paradise in Bohinj, with locals and our way of life, customs, hospitality, creativity, cuisine, the environment … The International Wild Flower Festival is a unique local festival that grows and progresses every year.

Check the festival programme and enjoy the hikes, training sessions, workshops, concerts, marketplaces, village events … This year, the Bohinj Spring will wear magnificent floral patterns! In its own way, of course!

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