September 8, 2019

Bohinj shortlisted for the ITTA 2019

Here at Tourism Bohinj (Bohinj DMC), we are pleased to announce our shortlisting in the International Travel & Tourism Awards, presented by WTM London for “Best in Responsible Tourism”.

These awards celebrate the success of national, regional and city tourist boards and recognise outstanding private sector companies and individuals. We are very proud to have been shortlisted for this award because over the past decade, Bohinj Tourism has set a global benchmark for sustainable tourism initiatives that has been reproduced internationally.

We wanted to take the opportunity of entering the International Travel & Tourism Awards to promote sustainable destination model.

The finalists were chosen from more than one hundred travel and tourism businesses that entered across the 15 award categories.

The winners will be announced to an audience of more than 500 leading industry figures – including government ministers – during a prestigious awards ceremony at Magazine London, not far from WTM London’s ExCeL venue on Tuesday, November 5. For further information on these awards, please visit https://awards.wtm.com/

Here are 5 reasons why we should win:


  • Nr 1: fiercely combating the negative aspects of over-tourism (spreading visitors throughout the region with organised, measured & sustainable mobility processes)
  • Nr 2: developing supporting infrastructure (managing increased road traffic by improved bus routes/more parking)
  • Nr 3: supporting, developing and implementing initiatives with a sustainable economic impact on the local population, supply chains and tourism businesses (Bohinjsko/From Bohinj brand and International Wild Flower Festival – IWFF)
  • Nr 4: rasing funding to increase environmental awareness and engaging tourism providers and local business (with festivals, mobility card, partnership agreement…)
  • Nr 5: dealing with increased CO2 emissions (by offering free public transport and promoting sustainable mobility).
March 31, 2019

Visitor guidelines

In Bohinj, we are striving to preserve what attracted you the most: beautiful and unspoilt nature, peace and quiet, friendly locals and a variety of opportunities for enjoying nature without any stress.

However, this requires your help. Adhering to the rules we have set up with a clear orientation towards the sustainable development of the destination will ensure that you will leave our home with only pleasant memories.


  • Parking is permitted only in designated parking areas car parks.
  • Driving motorized vehicles in the natural habitat is not permitted.
  • Caravans and other vehicles can be parked for overnight stay only in campsites and in designated caravan parks.
  • Tenting and bivouacking is only permitted at campsites.
  • Stay on marked trails.
  • Drone usage is prohibited in the natural environment of the Triglav National Park.
  • Due to extremely sensitive biotopes, bathing in high-altitude alpine lakes and water streams (e.g. Mostnica) in the central area is prohibited.
  • There are no waste bins along hiking trails. Please, carry all your waste to local waste container areas and recycle.
  • Please, keep your dog on a leash and clean up after your pet.
  • Dogs are prohibited from bathing at public bathing areas of Lake Bohinj.
  • Mind your safety as you may encounter tractors, hikers and horse-back riders on the bike path.
  • Please respect the locals and their property.


Naši ukrepi, s katerimi želim zmanjšati negativne vplive turizma na okolje ter gostom in domačinom izboljšati kakovost življenja in izkušenj.


Skupaj z našimi gosti se zavedamo krhkega ravnovesja med naravo in človekom. Spoštujemo dediščino sobivanja z okoljem, ki so nam jo zapustili predniki in dajemo zgled našim potomcem. Vsi smo del skupnega sveta.


Bohinj in Triglavski narodni park obišče vsako leto več turistov. S tem se še dodatno povečuje pritisk na občutljivo alpsko okolje. Z željo, da razbremenimo pritisk na jezersko skledo, uvajamo ukrepe, s katerimi želimo obiskovalce spodbuditi k uporabi javnega prevoza. PArkiranje je dovoljno zgolj na označenih parkirnih mestih, najugodnejše parkiranje je v Bohinjski Bistrici.

Na voljo so vam različne možnosti prevoza: 

  • v Bohinj z vlakom
  • avtobusni prevoz (dodatne linije v času visoke sezone)
  • organiziran brezplačen prevoz s parkirišč
  • kolesarjenje
  • turistična ladja

Waste and waste sorting areas

Waste sorting in Bohinj is standard practice and we ask you to sort waste, too. We have placed waste sorting bins around the lake as is visible on the map. There are no waste bins in the natural environment, therefore waste must be disposed at municipal waste areas.


We have established an entry-exit point system along the lake and the Sava Bohinjka river and its tributaries, including all the necessary infrastructure such as changing facilities, benches, air pumps for stand-up-paddle boards (SUP) and so on. Your contribution to the use of an entry-exit point is also a contribution to safe and properly regulated activity. Above all, this is also a contribution to the conservation of our unspoilt nature as preserved by our ancestors, which we are obliged to protect and preserve for future generations.

Caravans and campsites

Experience clear nights full of stars on the benches of mountain huts, shelters and bivouacs. This is one of the rules of good manners in the Triglav National Park – two thirds of its area belongs to the municipality of Bohinj. Camping and staying in bivouacs is permitted only in designated areas.

Tent camping is permitted only in official campsites. The Triglav National Park law also prohibits the parking of motor vehicles, holiday trailers or caravans outside of the designated areas.

And the law and order decree prohibit overnight stays in the area of the municipality of Bohinj in hay barns, hay racks, parks, bus and train stations, areas of apartment buildings not designed for overnight stays, at the market and other inappropriate places.

But in Bohinj, there are two campsites providing amazing scenery for your morning views from your trailer or your tent’s wing with all you need for your comfort. One is located in Ukanc, just a stone’s throw from Lake Bohinj and the other in Bohinjska Bistrica near the Sava Bohinjka river. Moreover, two official car parks for caravans are provided: at
Senožeta in Srednja vas and at the train station in Bohinjska Bistrica.

The Julian Alps card: Bohinj

Bus, train, car train, as well as the excursion boat, are only some of the possibilities, which are offered to the cardholders, thus contributing to the reduction of motor traffic in Bohinj and to environmentally friendly tourism. Bohinj is perfect for enjoying the protected natural and cultural landscape and countryside. Become a part of the vision of creating a green future and use our free transport means that are friendly to the environment. At booking check, if you are entitled to buy the Julian Alps Card: Bohinj.

February 15, 2019

Make new memories and share them with us

There’s a hunter soul in all of us. That’s why we love to capture the most majestic moments on camera and share it on social media. Use #ifeelsLOVEnia #Bohinj #LakeBohinj hashtags to become a proud ambassador of our magnificent country.

Every week, the Slovenian Tourist Board will select the best three among the published photos and videos and share them on the site of the campaign. At the conclusion of the campaign, the authors of the selected photos and videos will participate in a draw for the main prize, i.e. free-of-charge participation at one of the Instameets organised by the Slovenian Tourist Board.

Be guided by a green heart to Bohinj

Campaign boost of the Bohinj Tourist Destination is in the week from 18 – 25 February 2019.  We will kindly invite locals, guests and our providers to join us by sharing their most unforgettable moments with us by posting them on social media with #ifeelsLOVEnia #Bohinj #LakeBohinj hashtags.



December 10, 2018

Bohinj – Heaven for ski touring

Avtor: Martin Šolar

Ski touring, the discovering of the so-called obscure mountain world on skis, is growing in terms of popularity and acceptance. Winter in the mountains, ski touring equipment and one’s determination are all interconnected to an endless circle of experiences offered by Bohinj in the winter time. In the winter months, when you get a view of the snow capped mountains above Bohinj, you get the chance to experience the mountainous terrain in a completely different manner.

The Julian Alps become a vast terrain packed with ski touring trails and the conditions here are simply the best. Bohinj is believed to be one of the cradles of ski touring in Slovenia and has a distinct advantage against other Alpine areas, due to its natural conditions. The ski touring skiing season both in Bohinj and Julian Alps is fairly long, as it starts in December and finishes in April or in the following months. Ski touring is best during peak season in March and April when the snow is compact, lit by the sun and there is no avalanche danger. The mountain range vistas start off with the foothills of Mt Črna Prst, Mt Rodica and Mt Vogel – the so-called Bohinj-Tolmin mountains. But one has to be careful nevertheless, and it is best to start at Vogel, a dedicated ski slope with ski lifts operating for more than 50 years, offering a great starting point for ski touring.

Bohinj’s Mt Komna probably offers the most picturesque and diverse ski touring area in the Julian Alps. This high plateau with an altitude of around 1,500 meters is a great starting point for touring in all directions. One can choose to take the easy and short ski touring trails, (Kal, Lanževica), short and difficult ones (Podrta Gora, Mahavšček), or the remote ones, such as Krn and Kanjavec.

Mt Komna has a mountain cottage open for public year round where one can get a proper night stay and suitable care. The pastures of Fužina north above Lake Bohinj provide areas of mountain pastures, quiet and secret forests which turn out to be a genuine piece of heaven for ski touring. The valley behind Kopica with Zelnarica, Vogel, Debeli Vrh and Ograda. Aspiring possibilities for ski touring, amongst which Kanjevec takes the number one spot – the longest ski touring trail around here offering 15 km of trails with 2000 meters difference in altitude. One can ski all the way to Stara Fužina if conditions are suitable.

The mountain range around Bohinj ends with peaks above the Pokljuka plateau. One can get to the plateau fairly easily (there is also public transport available) and the place itself offers numerous ski touring trails amongst which the steep Mt Viševnik and the wonderful snow pyramid Mt Veliki Draški Vrh are the most popular. There are really plenty of opportunities for ski touring in the mountains of Bohinj, and the more advanced and fit touring skiers can opt for the so-called Triglav Ski Touring Traverse – nearly all of it stretches at the mountain areas of Bohinj. The traverse starts off at Mt Vogel via Mt Komna to the Valley of the Triglav Lakes, then continues its route via Mt Hribarice all the way to Velo Polje pasture beneath Mt Triglav and only at the last part when going of from Kredarica to the Krma Valley leaves the area of mountains of Bohinj. These difficult 3-4 days ski touring expedition offers accommodations at mountain cottages open year round at Mt Vogel, Mt Komna, and Kredarica. In between, one can rest in the winter rooms or bivouac shelters in the Valley of the Triglav Lakes and at Velo Polje pasture.


December 10, 2018

Hiking in Winter

Winter brings peace and quiet to the mountains. Cows’ and sheep’s bells are replaced by the silent steps of deer in the snow, and the vivid colours are replaced by more subtle tones. But hiking in winter has its traps. When there are higher temperatures in the valley, the mountain world can already be quite wintery in autumn. The first snow falls quite early in autumn and temperature oscillations make trails icy, thus causing the danger of falls that can be fatal. If you have a lot of experience, if you have checked the weather forecast, chosen a secure trail, if you are in shape and have appropriate equipment, then you are probably prepared to hike in the mountainous world. But you still need to consider some instructions given by the Bohinj Mountain Rescue Service.


Trails are covered in snow in winter, there are no markers, so it is very important to know the trail and the terrain. Due to the snow cover, skis or snowshoes should be used for hiking in winter. Without them, you can quickly get into trouble – the hike extends and requires a good physical condition. And you have to consider this when planning the hike.

You should consider that days are shorter and that distances take more time than in the summer. Huts are closed, except for some individual ones – Koča na Komni, Koča na Lipanci, Orožnova koča na planini Za Liscem, Voje and Uskovnica. The Koča pod Bogatinom alpine hut will be open from the end of February until the end of March. The tracks to those huts are mostly walked in winter, except in heavy snowfall. However, you always have to check the situation before the hike.


    Planinsko društvo Bled
    m: +386 51 633 769, +386 51 621 021
    e: [email protected]
    Planinsko društvo Ljubljana – Matica
    m: +386 40 620 784, t: PD +386 1 23 12 645
    e: [email protected]
    Open every day from: 23. 2. – 24. 3. 2019
    Planinsko društvo Srednja vas v Bohinju
    t: +386 4 8280 305, m: +386 31 341 821
    e: [email protected]
    Open every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and on holiday
    Planinsko društvo Bohinjska Bistrica
    m: +386 51 442 550
    e: [email protected]
    Vogel d. o. o.
    t: +386 4 5729 712, m: +386 51 644 316
    e: [email protected]
    Planinsko društvo Srednja vas v Bohinju
    m: +386 31 341 814
    e: [email protected]
    Planinsko društvo Srednja vas v Bohinju
    m: +386 41 234 625
    e: [email protected]


Carry enough clothes to will protect you against the cold and the wind. You also need a lamp and a fully charged mobile phone. Use sun protection too – glasses and sun protection cream. Wear appropriate shoes that should enable the option to attach crampons, though they are only useful if you also use an ice-pick. This equipment is not helpful if you don’t know how to use it. We also strongly advise not to use any replacements for crampons.


You must also to follow weather conditions. Snowfall and wind are the main reasons for snow slides. Therefore, you should carry an avalanche beacon, a shovel and a probe. This equipment does not guarantee that you won’t be surprised by an avalanche, it’s merely a tool in case you get caught under an avalanche. If this happens, it is most important that you get help, so you should not hike alone and all hikers must be appropriately equipped and trained to search for missing persons under an avalanche.

We recommend that winter hiking is done in the company of an experienced guide or mountain guide. A bivouac offers emergency shelter. But this should not be our goal. There are many bivouacs, but they mostly serve as emergency shelters. They don’t offer food and are not heated. Since these huts don’t have any keepers, if you want to stay in a bivouac, it is important to clean up when you leave.

Please hike wisely. If you don’t have sufficient experience, hike with a mountain guide. For those of you who would like to explore the mountains, Bohinj Mountain Rescue Service recommends attending appropriate courses and lectures related to safe hiking in winter. Don’t hike alone and before any expedition, notify your relatives and friends. Before departure, get information about which trails are passable, because even less demanding trails will be strenuous enough and you will be able to enjoy winter hiking without taking unnecessary risks and exposing yourselves to danger.


The levels of danger base on the European 5-level danger scale. The data about the danger of snow slides are only informative. The data have been obtained in the field from automatic meteorological stations and Triglav National Park supervisors.


July 23, 2018

Official souveniers #Triglav240

Souveniers are created in cooperation with local businesses and presents the official celebration slogan: Only 4 brave or slovene version Višje ne gre.

Where to buy souvenirs?

  • On website: www.jonbiro.si
  • Bohinj Toursti Association – TIC Bohinj (Ribčev Laz)
  • Triglav National Park centres
  • Alpinsport (Ribčev Laz)
  • Vodnikov Dom alpine hut at Velo polje (PD Srednja vas)
  • Žičnice Vogel (only backpacks)
  • Uskovnica alpine hut (PD Srednja vas)
  • Alpine Dairy Farming museum (Stara Fužina)
  • Tomaž Godec museum (Bohinjska Bistrica)
  • Slovenian Alpine museum (Mojstrana)
  • TIC Tolmin (Turizem Dolina Soče)
  • TIC Kobarid (Turizem Dolina Soče)
  • TIC Bovec (Turizem Dolina Soče)
  • Ethno Gallery in Bohinjska Bistrica (only books)

#Triglav240 products:

  • T-shirts
  • Sports towels
  • Sports hats
  • Sports backpacks
  • Lighters
  • Pencils
  • Magnets
  • Postcards
  • Napkins
  • Books
  • Leather change purse
June 12, 2018

About Bohinj Summer Music Festival 2019

“It is our great pleasure to recommend you to spend a few summer evenings in Bohinj by visiting our concerts during the 24rd Summer Music Festival in Bohinj. In the wonderful ambience of St Martin’s Church in Srednja vas and the Culture Hall in Bohinjska Bistrica, we want to create an atmosphere that will make the summer of 2019 even more colourful and give you wonderful memories of Bohinj. We have put all efforts in creating an attractive and interesting programme with top quality local and foreign musical artists. We hope that all music lovers will be able to enjoy this great mosaic of music that we have produced for all kinds of musical tastes. We invite you to view the programme and make your choice. You are warmly invited!”

Roman Leskovic, Art Director
Klemen Langus, Director, Turizem Bohinj

The Summer Music Festival in Bohinj is in complete harmony with the environment, where it enthuses visitors every summer. The amazing acoustic ambience of St Martin’s Church in Srednja vas and the exceptional natural and cultural landscape of Bohinj feature top Slovenian and foreign music artists who overwhelm visitors with their voices and instruments. And this seems completely normal. For the 24rd consecutive year, the festival will tingle all the attendees’ senses. Classical music performed by premium musicians is perhaps not what a random visitor would expect in this hidden valley of Bohinj. However, every year the festival proves that major concerts and grand musicians do not only perform on big concert stages in European capitals but are also hosted in intimate environments, such as the beautiful Bohinj. Every concert is an exceptional experience for classical music buffs, and it will also get under the skin of those who are not that interested in this type of music.

Every year, the programme features diverse pieces for all kinds of musical tastes. We believe that every visitor will be overwhelmed. Many things have been said and written about the proven positive effects of classical music on our body and soil, therefore, we invite you to experience this by yourselves. Live concerts in Bohinj.


 1st concert: Chamber Orchestra of the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra

2nd concert: Trio del Ducato (Italy)

3rd concert: Davide Burani – harp

4th concert: Reinhold Friedrich, Franc Kosem, Eriko Takezawa

5th concert: Vita Peterlin, Jerca Novak, Tomaž Sevšek

6th concert: Johannes FLEISCHMANN, Christoph Ulrich MEIER 

May 29, 2018

Slovenia Green Silver

This certificate confirms the sustainable development of Bohinj destination.


May 17, 2018

Floral cuisine

In spring, when the first primroses blossom and meadows and forests are in full bloom, there are more than 1000 different types of flowers that turn Bohinj into a large natural botanical garden. A garden that grows and changes every day. A garden that we do not water, dig through, nor weed … we just let it grow its own way. This garden is the core of the International Wild Flower Festival. Guided botanical excursions take us to areas of rocks, meadows and forests, where we can see different flowers.


Visit local inns by bicycle or during your hikes and walks around Bohinj – explore how the flowers can be aromatically intertwined with traditional tastes. You will be surprised by the creativity of local chefs. During the festival, you can order flower menus at a single price of EUR 17.00.

Pri Hrvatu (Srednja vas) 

Srednja vas v Bohinju 76, t: +386 4 572 36 70,
e: [email protected]

Wild garlic soup
Trout fillet with Bohinj corn
Pearl barley risotto
Horseradish sauce
Elder pannacotta


Triglavska cesta 17, t: +386 48 200 41 40,
e: [email protected], www.bohinj-eco-hotel.si

Salad with flowers, asparagus pannacotta with Bohinj cottage cheese,
red radish and fruit dressing
Chicken breast with wild garlic crust, nettle cream,
beet chips, baby potatoes, sautéed carrots
Dandelion honey ice cream,
field horsetail and violet pie, strawberry coulis


Penzion in gostilna Resje

Nemški Rovt 21 a, t: +386 40 640 641
e: [email protected], www.penzion-resje.si

Amuse bouche
Goat milk cottage cheese with
young peas, nuts and thyme
Veal consomme with linden tree
leaves and goutweed
(wild flowers, egg, carrots)
Beef and Cabarnet sauce, honey
trdinka corn and asparagus
Elder flower, rhubarb and lemon

Restavracija Zlatovčica, Hotel Jezero (Ribčev Laz)

Ribčev Laz 51, t: +386 4 572 91 00,
e: [email protected], www.hotel-jezero.si

Menu with “Bohinjsko/From Bohinj” certificate

Asparagus soup
Chicken fillet in saffron sauce
and chives dumplings
Fried apples with nuts and
floral honey

Gostilna Danica (Bohinjska Bistrica)

Triglavska cesta 60, t: +386 4 575 16 19,
e: [email protected], www.tdbohinj.si

Beef carpaccio with olive oil and fresh spring salad
Asparagus cream soup
Turkey with cheese and nuts, boiled apples,
potato fries, vegetable flower, micro vegetables
Casatta with hot fruits, strawberries and cream

Hotel Tripič (Bohinjska Bistrica) 

Triglavska cesta 13, t: +386 4 828 01 20, m: +386 31 624 590,
e: [email protected], www.hotel-tripic.si

Amouse bouche:
tomato carpaccio with wild garlic pesto and Bohinj cheese
Bohinj corn soup
(made of traditional Bohinj red corn, with milk and vegetables)
Turkey fillet with Bohinj dried ham, home-made asparagus rolls
Self-service fresh seasonal salad
Home-made pannacotta with
Tripič grape jam and corn crumbs

Hotel Center Pokljuka (Rudno polje)

Srednja vas 165a, t: +386 4 532 00 00,
e: [email protected], www.center-pokljuka.si

Bohinj sausage with zaseka
Trout fillet with grilled potatoes and leek
Cottage cheese strudel

Planinska koča Mejasec (Vogel)

Vogel, d.d., Ukanc 6, t: +386 4 572 97 12,
e: [email protected], www.vogel.si

Mountain flower and bilberry liquor
Chicken in garden sauce, rice and seasonal salad
Bilberry crostata


Planinski dom Savica

Ukanc 102, t: +386 30 717 837,
e: [email protected], www.vogel.si

Spinach cream soup
with fried polenta
Turkey roulade with dried ham
and asparagus, fried potatoes
Cottage cheese mousse with white
chocholate and forest fruits


Hotel Jelka (Pokljuka)

Goreljek 93 t: +386 4 206 00 10,
e: [email protected], www.hotel-jelka.si

Amouse bouche:
home-made salami, Bohinj cheese, canned boletus

Beef or mushroom soup
Pork tenderloin in plum sauce, bread slice
Flower muffin



We are the observers of nature, but the walks to the flower beds unintentionally remind us of what is to come. What we pick in the garden, we then prepare in our kitchen and eat with great satisfaction. Various flowers will be transformed by our chefs into exquisite culinary delights in different inns awarded the Bohinjsko/From Bohinj certificate.

The cuisine in Bohinj and its local ingredients are a must for a genuine experience of Bohinj. Visit the inns that have the Bohinjsko/from Bohinj certificate and taste traditional food served in a contemporary way that will warm your heart. The bold and extraordinary tastes will completely enrapture you.

You cannot imagine a better end to beautiful hikes and walks.


Various day excursions guided by experts will take all wildflower admirers to the hidden corners of autochthonous wildflowers. While the excursions might be intended only for visitors, we believe that also we, the local people, who are used to the flowery background, are amazed every time we see this beauty of nature and admire it.

During the festival, visitors can choose among short, long and difficult hikes to the hidden habitats of flowers which have disappeared from meadows elsewhere in the world. The guided hikes end with lunch or dinner at local inns offering flower menus. Let your step be light and careful because our trails are all overgrown with flowers.

May 17, 2018

Bohinj in bloom

Spring is most beautiful in Bohinj. Not because it is not beautiful elsewhere, but because it seems quite different and special in Bohinj. After a long winter, when the peaks are covered in snow and the white colour reflects on the lake surface, the forests are still freshly green, the trees, meadows, slopes and even the rocks are in bloom …

The richness of flowers and colours seems more intense than in other places. The shadows of the mountains and clouds constantly change the image of the blossomy landscape. The real explosion of colours happens in May and June when the annual Wild Flower Festival takes place in Bohinj. All of Bohinj blossoms in thousands of shades.

Read the story at the bottom of this page about how our headstrong and unpredictable Spring chooses its dresses.  


Festival features a very diverse programme. Traditional expert and visitor-oriented topics and lectures will be held every day. Guided botanical walks and themed excursions, workshops and other events are intended for all generations and admirers of flowers, nature, and herbs and for discovering new knowledge. Some festival events have been implemented in the past and we have also added new ones that are intended for children and those who want to experience nature early in the morning. Everyone can find something for themselves.

The pre-festival events start in the weekend before the official opening of the festival with a true treat for families: Zlatorog Fairy Trail Weekend.

Do not miss the cultural and musical events, concerts and performances that will be featured within the scope of the festival programme. This year, the villages of Bohinj will also be actively included in the festival programme, because they will feature festival events in their village centres, and various inns will offer flower menus. The number of visitors to the festival grows every year. In more than a decade, the festival has developed into an extensive event that inspires and expands its circle of fans and admirers.


Newspaper PDF archive:


Today, the festival connects the people of Bohinj with guests who know how to appreciate the efforts to preserve the natural heritage and the balance between people and fragile nature. Perhaps the magic of the festival is right in the fact that this is “our” festival. The people of Bohinj are integrated into the festival with our work, all invested time, efforts and hospitality. And we should not forget about the cuisine. The flora and herbal richness have paved the way to our inns and homes, therefore Bohinj is becoming even more distinguished by its exceptional traditional cuisine.


The International Wild Flower Festival is a time when the people of Bohinj can show the best of Bohinj to visitors when we can all enjoy the magnificent natural background of the colourful meadows and mighty mountains, and the pristine image of all the richness of the traditions and the original way of life. We can be really proud of ourselves and our unique festival.


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