April 7, 2018

Updates on hiking trails in Bohinj

Due to the windfall  (fallen trees) and the emergence of bark beetle (salvage logging), some of the trails in Bohinj are closed. For safety reasons please get well informed and plan your hikes accordingly. We kindly ask you for your understanding, patience and caution. We wish that you spend a pleasant time in the heart of the Triglav National Park.



Restoring damaged forest: North shore of Lake Bohinj

While walking on the North Shore of Lake Bohinj you are entering the area of salvage logging due to the windfall in December and emergence of bark beetle. We kindly ask you for your patience and caution. For safety reasons please stay on the road (or do not use the ones that are closed) and consider the instructions of foresters. We wish that you spend a pleasant time in the heart of the Triglav National Park.

Fotografije: David Kovačič, Valentin Zalokar

November 1, 2017

Prize game: 4 Brave Men

The prize game has ended on 9 April 2018 with the arrival of 4 Brave Men back to their post. We collected all publicly posted photos found under #4BraveMen & #AlpinaOutdoor hashtags and draw prize-winners among them. One of the photos was not added because it was created while 4 Brave Men were still there.


  • 1st prize: Alpina Bohinj hiking shoes goes to Blaž Repinc who posted a photo of him and his dog on facebook
  • 2nd prize: 2 nights (weekend) rental of an apartment for 4 persons in Bohinj goes to Petra, who posted a series of photos of her family on Instagram
  • 3rd prize: Bohinj Mega package goes to Katja Lokar who posted her photo “Triglav is that way” on Instagram
  • 4th – 10th prize: Bohinj Hiking Trails Map – all other participants (also the one excluded from the drawing)

We thank you for your cooperation and congratulate you on your wins. You are welcome to join us in our Facebook group called I love Bohinj, perfect place to share your photos from your adventures in Bohinj.

There are rumours in Bohinj that they have conquered Mt Triglav once again. We haven’t got any proof yet, because we don’t know what they look like. Perhaps you are one of them?

Take a photo, post it & earn a great prize

Take a photo at the site where they were spotted for the last time.*

Post as a public post on your personal Facebook or Instagram profile
and add #4BraveMen & #AlpinaOutdoor
or send it to [email protected] and we will post it for you on our channels.

* A hint: they were looking at Mt Triglav from the site on the photo below


  • 1st prize: Alpina Bohinj hiking shoes
  • 2nd prize: 2 nights (weekend) rental of an apartment for 4 persons in Bohinj
  • 3rd prize: Bohinj Mega package
  • 4th – 10th prize: Bohinj Hiking Trails Map

Rules of the prize game:

  • Prize game duration: Due date for the game is the return of the 4 Brave Men statue.
  • We will draw prize-winners among all (relevant and appropriate) publicly posted photos found under #4BraveMen & #AlpinaOutdoor hashtags.
  • Results will be published in one week after the prize game will end.
  • By entering the game you agree, that your photos can be shared and used on our website and social media channels; winning photos will also be used for promotional purposes.
  • Prize game flyer: Where are the four brave men


  • The monument dedicated to the Four Brave Men from Bohinj is currently under reconstruction. it was erected in 1978, commemorating the 200th anniversary of the first ascent to Mt Triglav.

September 12, 2017

Proud member of Alpine Pearls

Alpine Pearls is an association of 25 Alpine destination pearls that invite guests to spend their vacation without their vehicles and by using the sustainable mobility options offered at every destination. In Slovenia, Bohinj and Bled fulfil the conditions for membership of this association. You can travel by train or bus to Bled and Bohinj. During your stay, you can enjoy the advantages offered by the mobility card.

In Bohinj the mobility guest card enables:

  • Free bus rides all over Bohinj
  • Free boat ride on the Lake Bohinj
  • Free entrance to Savica Waterfall, Mostnica Gorge and to museums
  • It also offers to 50% discounts on bus rides to Ljubljana,
  • Discounted train excursions, bike rental and other activities
  • Discounts on sites outside Bohinj

We are proud to be a member of Alpine Pearls Association.


We will gift all guests that will spend at least two nights in Bohinj at our partners accommodations with a complementary Bohinj Mobility Guest Card. Offer is valid between 16 and 22 September 2017.

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