October 10, 2019


Storytelling evening at the Oplen House.

At the Oplen House dinner, we will tell older folk tales from Bohinj, find out how they evolved and change in the present, and visitors will also be able to contribute stories in a relaxed way by telling stories they know themselves.

Bohinj is an area characterized by a unique nature, diverse history and many cultural features. All this is also reflected in the narratives circulating among the inhabitants. Older folk tales depict fabulous creatures that are supposed to live in the remote forests and hilly areas where humans occasionally encountered them. Among these creatures were the mining dwarfs, the half-breed wild man, the white wives, golden horns and others. From the narrative we also find out where all the treasures in Bohinj were supposed to be hiding and how people tried to reach them, what periods of the year had special, supernatural power and how individual areas got their names.

Applications are not required.


  • Turizem Bohinj
  • Triglav national park
  • Gorenjski muzej


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