December 17, 2018



Katice sing the traditional songs of all the Slovene regions, preferably the ones on the fringes of the Slovene ethnic territory such as Rezija, Bela krajina, Istria and Prekmurje, with a mix of influences from neighboring cultures. They travel from the melancholic songs of the Panonic plain to the extraordinary harmonies of the Rezija region, taking a stroll through the diverse seasons and ages of life, from joy at birth past a carefree childhood, adolescent puns and marriage, all the way towards death. Their rich vocal repertoire is seasoned by the sounds of a whistle and an earthenware pot-bass. They are also accompanied by a traditional musicians and they even dance to their songs. In singing modern arrangements of folk songs, Katie connect the traditional and modern in a highly original manner.

Kindly invited!


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