April 27, 2018


Reveille with mortars (at 5 am) and motorized parade (at 6.50 am) with members of Bohinj Brass Band.


Traditional motorized parade (reveille) around Bohinj. Departure at 6:50 am from the railway station in Bohinjska Bistrica. Welcome to join us.


The motorised parade will be accompanied by members of Bohinj Brass Band. They will play march in front of the Joža Ažman Cultural Hall and on the parking place in front of Mercator. They will then head to the Bohinj Upper Valley and “wake up” the locals in the village cores, play a serenade to the Seniors in the retirement home and make a parade concert to Mr Apih in village Polje.

This year’s reveille will also be dedicated to the first 4 men who conquered Mt Triglav 240 year ago. Bohinj Brass Band will play in front of memorial panels on their birth houses:

  • pr Jurjevcu (Koprivnik 10): in memory of Luka Korošec
  • pr Kosu (Jereka 17): in memory of Matecž Kos
  • pr Padarju (Stara Fužina 158): in memory of Lovrenc Willomitzer
  • pr Rožiču (Savica 6): in memory of Štefan Rožič


The 35th May Day reveille with mortars will be performed by Little War Museum Association at 5 am.

Bohinj has always had the tradition of shooting with mortars, and this tradition originates in the ironmaking times. Even before the Second World War, the mortars fired for Easter, but a May Day reveille holds much longer tradition. In the last 160 years, several teams took care of continuing this legacy, with short interruptions (especially during the two world wars). The current team has been performing the May Day reveille with mortars for more than 35 years.

The oldest mortar is from 1858, the largest “St. Nikola” is from 1865 and the youngest in use is 44 kg heavy mortar, made in 2001. We want to keep the tradition of firing with mortars in Bohinj so we invite the younger members who are not repelled by the smell of blasting smoke.

We are also thankful to all, that does not like loud noise at early hours, for their understanding.

Source: Janko S. Stušek, Društvo mali vojni muzej Boh. Bistrica



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