February 1, 2019


The Julian Alps MTB enduro adventure: 4-day race, 100 competitors and local culinary

  • Day 1: Cerkno (2 stages: night and daily stage)
  • Day 2: Soča Valley (Traditional stage at Most na Soči)
  • Day 3: Bohinj (1 stage (new route!))
  • Day 4: Bohinj (2 stages: individual start and mass start)

Short description

The 3rd edition of the MTB enduro race Trans Julius is taking place from 20 to 23 June 2019 starting in Cerkno (1st day) and continuing in Soča Valley and weekend we will spend in Bohinj. 4 different types of trails, local culinary after each day and special travel experience with car train and bike train is included as in previous years. A unique and unforgettable MTB enduro adventure for all ages and genders with just one mission: to make the biggest smile under your helmet!

Other information and registrations

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