May 21, 2021


Family walk on the meadow with a biologist

Together with biologist Maja Fajdiga Komar, we will walk along the meadows between the TNP Bohinj Center and the lake. The youngest will learn about the different colors on the meadow, and the slightly older will learn about the structure of the flowers and the types of meadow flowers. We will try to catch and get to know some of the animals hiding among the colorful flowers. Parents and grandparents will also be able to learn a lot of interesting things about plants and their use.

You are warmly invited to a family exploration of life on the meadows!

The workshop is free!
Primary registrations are required at [email protected] at least until 31. 5. 2021 till 12.00!

The workshop will take place within the LIFE NATURAVIVA project:


  • Triglavski narodni park

Important notice!

Due to the possibility of changing the measures against Covid19 virus or bad weather conditions, the date may change or the event may be canceled.


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