December 18, 2018


Weekend event for all active owners and their four-legged friends.

Many people can not imagine a day without a dogfriend. These happy eyes are usually the first morning alarm clock and the best personal trainer, since we are forced to go for a walk regardless of the outside temperature. 😉

We are preparing two workshops:

  • Safe walking in the mountains:
    The workshop will be led by Žan Karničar, a member of the GRS and a veterinarian at the Clinic Loka. He will present safe hiking in the mountains, knowledge of the situation and first aid on the ground.
  • Towing sports:
    The workshop will be led by Martjaz Ovsenek, head of the Society of Sports Psov Slovenije. It will present a learning approach to traction sports, suitable for all breeds, with or without prior knowledge. The number of places is limited, but you can already book your ticket and accommodation via the website: www.dogcamp.eu.

If you do not have an idea for Christmas, it can be a great surprise for your loved ones! 😉

See you in March in Bohinj!


  • Pasji kamp
  • turizem Bohinj


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