October 6, 2018


Emma's Pilgrimage Trail connects places which are directly or indirectly connected with the life of St Emma.

In Bohinj, Emma’s Pilgrimage Trail connects six churches and other cultural and natural sights. The experience itself can be diversified by collecting stamps and learning about Emma’s life story.

Emma’s Pilgrimage Trail in Bohinj connects six sacral buildings

Some interesting sights:

  • Bohinj villages
  • Lake Bohinj and Sava Bohinjka River
  • Old sawmill in Stara Fužina
  • Hayracks in Studor
  • Old granaries in Srednja vas
  • Bohinj railway


  • Most churches are closed, therefore, only the exterior can be seen
  • The interiors of churches can be seen upon prior agreement
  • Stamps for individual churches are available at Tourism Bohinj organisation
  • It is possible to hire a guide who will provide you with extra information


Emma’s Pilgrimage Trail connects places which are directly or indirectly connected with the life of St Hemma. (995 to 1045), who is also known as: Emma of Peilenstein, Emma of Gurk, Princess Emma, Emma of Selce, Countess Emma and Hemma in German speaking regions. The trail runs across the Koroško, Štajersko, Dolenjsko and Gorenjsko regions and is connected with the same trail in Austria (Hemma Pilgerweg).

Emma was born in a wealthy family, i.e. the Bavarian royal family Liutpoldings of Bavaria who were related to Henry II, Holy Roman Emperor (1002-1024). Her wedding with Count Wilhelm of Friesach, connected her with our land even closer. Despite the tragic loss of her husband and also other trials in life she did not lose her faith, and she dedicated her life to the care for the poor and to founding numerous parishes.

St Emma, the patron of nations, is an important connecting link between Slovenes and Austrians. Many places on both sides of the border will remain connected with the heritage of Emma’s holy life and also with religious and cultural heritage, which has been kept until today.


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