May 21, 2019


Floral menus at a single price of 17 €, guided botanical excursions with flower lunch or dinner

In spring, when the first primroses blossom and meadows and forests are in full bloom, there are more than 1000 different types of flowers that turn Bohinj into a large natural botanical garden. A garden that grows and changes every day. A garden that we do not water, dig through, nor weed … we just let it grow its own way. This garden is the core of the International Wild Flower Festival. Guided botanical excursions take us to areas of rocks, meadows and forests, where we can see different flowers.


Visit local inns by bicycle or during your hikes and walks around Bohinj – explore how the flowers can be aromatically intertwined with traditional tastes. You will be surprised by the creativity of local chefs. During the festival, you can order flower menus at a single price of EUR 17.00.

Pri Hrvatu (Srednja vas) 

Srednja vas v Bohinju 76, t: +386 4 572 36 70,
e: [email protected]

Wild garlic soup
Trout fillet with Bohinj corn
Pearl barley risotto
Horseradish sauce
Elder pannacotta


Triglavska cesta 17, t: +386 48 200 41 40,
e: [email protected], www.bohinj-eco-hotel.si

Salad with flowers, asparagus pannacotta with Bohinj cottage cheese,
red radish and fruit dressing
Chicken breast with wild garlic crust, nettle cream,
beet chips, baby potatoes, sautéed carrots
Dandelion honey ice cream,
field horsetail and violet pie, strawberry coulis


Penzion in gostilna Resje

Nemški Rovt 21 a, t: +386 40 640 641
e: [email protected], www.penzion-resje.si

Amuse bouche
Goat milk cottage cheese with
young peas, nuts and thyme
Veal consomme with linden tree
leaves and goutweed
(wild flowers, egg, carrots)
Beef and Cabarnet sauce, honey
trdinka corn and asparagus
Elder flower, rhubarb and lemon

Restavracija Zlatovčica, Hotel Jezero (Ribčev Laz)

Ribčev Laz 51, t: +386 4 572 91 00,
e: [email protected], www.hotel-jezero.si

Menu with “Bohinjsko/From Bohinj” certificate

Asparagus soup
Chicken fillet in saffron sauce
and chives dumplings
Fried apples with nuts and
floral honey

Gostilna Danica (Bohinjska Bistrica)

Triglavska cesta 60, t: +386 4 575 16 19,
e: [email protected], www.tdbohinj.si

Beef carpaccio with olive oil and fresh spring salad
Asparagus cream soup
Turkey with cheese and nuts, boiled apples,
potato fries, vegetable flower, micro vegetables
Casatta with hot fruits, strawberries and cream

Hotel Tripič (Bohinjska Bistrica) 

Triglavska cesta 13, t: +386 4 828 01 20, m: +386 31 624 590,
e: [email protected], www.hotel-tripic.si

Amouse bouche:
tomato carpaccio with wild garlic pesto and Bohinj cheese
Bohinj corn soup
(made of traditional Bohinj red corn, with milk and vegetables)
Turkey fillet with Bohinj dried ham, home-made asparagus rolls
Self-service fresh seasonal salad
Home-made pannacotta with
Tripič grape jam and corn crumbs

Hotel Center Pokljuka (Rudno polje)

Srednja vas 165a, t: +386 4 532 00 00,
e: [email protected], www.center-pokljuka.si

Bohinj sausage with zaseka
Trout fillet with grilled potatoes and leek
Cottage cheese strudel

Planinska koča Mejasec (Vogel)

Vogel, d.d., Ukanc 6, t: +386 4 572 97 12,
e: [email protected], www.vogel.si

Mountain flower and bilberry liquor
Chicken in garden sauce, rice and seasonal salad
Bilberry crostata


Planinski dom Savica

Ukanc 102, t: +386 30 717 837,
e: [email protected], www.vogel.si

Spinach cream soup
with fried polenta
Turkey roulade with dried ham
and asparagus, fried potatoes
Cottage cheese mousse with white
chocholate and forest fruits


Hotel Jelka (Pokljuka)

Goreljek 93 t: +386 4 206 00 10,
e: [email protected], www.hotel-jelka.si

Amouse bouche:
home-made salami, Bohinj cheese, canned boletus

Beef or mushroom soup
Pork tenderloin in plum sauce, bread slice
Flower muffin



We are the observers of nature, but the walks to the flower beds unintentionally remind us of what is to come. What we pick in the garden, we then prepare in our kitchen and eat with great satisfaction. Various flowers will be transformed by our chefs into exquisite culinary delights in different inns awarded the Bohinjsko/From Bohinj certificate.

The cuisine in Bohinj and its local ingredients are a must for a genuine experience of Bohinj. Visit the inns that have the Bohinjsko/from Bohinj certificate and taste traditional food served in a contemporary way that will warm your heart. The bold and extraordinary tastes will completely enrapture you.

You cannot imagine a better end to beautiful hikes and walks.


Various day excursions guided by experts will take all wildflower admirers to the hidden corners of autochthonous wildflowers. While the excursions might be intended only for visitors, we believe that also we, the local people, who are used to the flowery background, are amazed every time we see this beauty of nature and admire it.

During the festival, visitors can choose among short, long and difficult hikes to the hidden habitats of flowers which have disappeared from meadows elsewhere in the world. The guided hikes end with lunch or dinner at local inns offering flower menus. Let your step be light and careful because our trails are all overgrown with flowers.

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