November 13, 2018


Or at least one Bohinj flower for the bouquet of all the people of Bohinj.

Every generation has its own knowledge. Some might even inherit that knowledge if they are lucky. But we must acquire most of our “wisdom” during our lifetime. Some were born with the capacity to know plants and herbs, and as much as we can “envy” them, we can be grateful to all who have created the International Wild Flower Festival for the twelfth year in a row.


We are lucky in Bohinj that we can join botanical connoisseurs or completely ignorant laymen, but we all share the same enthusiasm about the immense diversity of the flora in Bohinj. Bohinj is in bloom all the time and everywhere. Roughly, we can limit this luxury to two thousand metres of altitude, to the Gorenjska and Primorska sides, to sunny and shady sides, to winter and spring that also walk hand in hand, just like forests, meadows and rocks. And botanists cannot run out of inspiration in such a diverse landscape and rainbow of climate conditions.

So, where else could we set such a festival, if not in Bohinj, and where could it find a better place in than European Alps than here? In the meantime, we can be connoisseurs or laymen in this paradise. And there is simply no one who could not learn anything new from the diverse programme of the festival. But, we have to keep our eyes and ears open all the time.


And we all know the story about the four brave men now. This year, we will meet this story in various forms. But this one is quite special and colourful.

What connects the four brave men with four Triglav flowers – besides the obvious number, of course? And actually, this number is misleading. The botanist Hacquet almost climbed up there before our men from Bohinj. But with so much blossoming beauty and at least four men of steel, the numbers are unnecessary. Let us say that there are at least four Triglav flowers. Perhaps we can find them.


Triglav is most certainly among those highest national peaks that carry their name in many flowers. The Triglav rose is one of them, along with Triglav hawksbeard, Triglav king-of-theAlps and Triglav gentian. And we should not forget about other wonderful flowers that are endemic or simply so exceptional and unique that they carry a unique Bohinj name. And another such flower is the Iris of Bohinj (Iris pallida cengialti vochinensis), which in Slovene carries the name “perunika” – a god’s name.

Perun is just like our Triglav – the greatest among the gods, and if we interpret mythology according to our own desires, Perun is the one that causes rain and we all know that there is quite a lot of rain in Bohinj. Iris can be linked as a Greek goddess to the rainbow and the wellknown fact that the Iris of Bohinj was named by Alfonzo Paulin who was cleverly perceptive, does not surprise us. If the French knew our iris, they would try to take over Bohinj in the name of the French crown, because the iris is the heraldic lily worshipped by the French in their coat-of-arms.


The industrialist Zois supported the research and discovery of the Triglav mountains in Bohinj. He financed numerous expeditions to the mountains and also the four brave men who were the first to climb Triglav. He also supported Hacquet’s expeditions, the attempts to conquer Triglav, and research of the natural sciences.

Zois’ bellflower is named after Karl, Žiga’s brother, who loved the mountains and flora in Bohinj, and he did not leave behind his indescribable love for this area to the same extent as he had experienced it. We can admire his heritage in probably the first botanical garden in Slovenia – at Brdo Castle near Kranj, and in the exquisite herbarium with more than two thousand plants. Another plant – Zois’ violet is also named after him, but this is no longer a story from Bohinj.

And there were another two men who carried the name of Bohinj and its natural richness to the world. Hawksbeard Racquet and Valentino Večosni. Important names for important achievements.


See the botanical richness of Bohinj during the International Wild Flower Festival in the natural botanical gardens of Črna prst, Gorenjska and all the pastures of Bohinj. Experience this luxury just like all the Lois’ and Racquets. The alpine gardens are completely intimate among the blossoming meadows and can offer you a complete botanical experience. So, pluck up your courage and join many of the unforgettable experiences during the festival and enjoy the floral richness of Bohinj.

Bohinj is in bloom!


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