• Your four-legged friend can swim in Lake Bohinj. But there are exceptions. Dogs can only swim in the lake outside the bathing areas. The bathing areas extend from the church of St. John the Baptist to the end of the eastern shore of the Lake (Fužina bay bathing area) and part of the shore in the camp in Ukanc (Ukanc bathing area). 
  • If you want to travel around Bohinj by bus, the timetable for buses is published here. Lines 4, 5, 6, and 8 carry dogs but they need to have muzzles. On lines 1, 2, 3, and 7 and on the regular lines to Savica waterfall, Soriška planina, and Ljubljana, dogs can only be carried in boxes. Service dogs are excluded. Animal transport is free.
  • The panoramic boat on Lake Bohinj is dog-friendly


Who can buy Bohinj guest card?

  • Guests staying with Tourism Bohinj partners are entitled to purchase the Julian Alps: Bohinj card. Before you book your accommodation, ask about the possibility of buying the card. An additional condition for purchasing the card is that you are staying with the partner of Tourism Bohinj for at least two nights.

Who can use the free buses in the summer and in the winter?

  • All of the buses (Hop-on Hop-off, free transport around Bohinj and Ski bus) can be used by anyone. There is no limitations.


Parking places in Bohinj

Can I park my camper anywhere?

  • No. The P20 car park (Stara Fužina – Voje – Vogar – Blato) is not accessible by motorhome all year round, and the P9 car park (Ukanc – Savica waterfall) is not accessible by motorhome in the summer.
  • For overnight stays, you have two camps available (Danica and camp Bohinj). You can also stay overnight in the parking lot P+R (P13) – Senožeta or at the railway station Bohinjska Bistrica.

Where can I park for the whole day?

  • P7 – Stara Fužina – Labora (15€/day, 7€ from 15.00)
  • P+R (P10) – Ribčev Laz – Kristal (7€/day)
  • P+R (P14) – Senožeta (4€/day)
  • P+R (P23) – Kobla (free)
  • P+R (P13) – Danica (2€/day

How to pay the parking fee?

  • Payment in cash is possible with all parking machines. More detailed instructions are given on each parking meter. Depending on the amount paid, you will receive a parking ticket, which must be placed in a visible place on the dashboard in the vehicle. At most parking machines, it is also possible to pay with payment (bank) cards. More details on the possibility of a payment in individual parking lots are listed in the map for individual parking lots.

  • There are several versions of parking cards available for different groups. The cards are intended for the payment of parking fees in all parking lots in the Municipality of Bohinj, equipped with parking meters with the sign of the Municipality of Bohinj. The cards are Julian Alps: Bohinj, Citizen of Bohinj, Owners of holiday homes and apartments, and Prijatelj Bohinja.

  • Users of parking lots in the municipality of Bohinj can pay the parking fee with a mobile phone, namely: with the Parkmewise mobile application (download the Parkmewise application running on Android and iOS platforms, scan the code at the machine and select one of the payment options) via chatbot, applications: Viber, Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger and Apple business chat). There is a QR code available on the machines, which you scan and select the talk channel through which you will pay the parking fee. by SMS according to the instructions given on each machine) More detailed payment instructions are provided on each parking machine where payment via SMS or the Parkmewise mobile application is possible.

  • We do not accept payments with the Easypark mobile application!

What about parking in the blue zones?

  • Parking in the blue zones is possible for a maximum of 2 hours. If there is also a parking meter in the parking lot, a parking fee must be parked.


  • Information on hiking and mountaineering trails in Bohinj is easiest to get in the information centers (TIC Stara Fužina, Ribčev Laz, Bohinjska Bistrica; TNP Bohinj Center), where hiking and mountaineering maps are also on sale. Information on hiking trails in Bohinj is available on the website and on mountain trails. Please choose the tours according to your psychophysical abilities and always check all the current information about the peaks you want to visit. Route planning with the Google maps application is not recommended! However, always follow the weather forecast and adapt your hike to the conditions.
  • Respect etiquette in the hills, greet the people you meet and take the trash with you to the valley.
  • If you are planning a multi-day tour, we warmly advise you to book mountain huts in advance. Don’t rely on them “having room for only me”. Mountain huts can be booked by phone or on the website pzs.si.
  • There are no secured climbing routes (Ferrata) in Bohinj!


Is cycling around Lake Bohinj allowed and why not?

  • Cycling in a natural environment is not allowed. In 2021, an amended Ordinance on the traffic regime of the municipality of Bohinj was adopted, which prohibits cycling along the northern shore of Lake Bohinj (from Mrenš to Ukanc). Please stick to this. However, we have a beautiful and picturesque cycling route in Bohinj, which, as the locals say, takes you “around Bohinj”. It is a good 12 kilometers long and is quite undemanding, but it also has a section for mountain bikers – across the Senožeta saddle to Brod, the route is gravel, so we do not recommend inexperienced cyclists going on it, they should continue on the regional road or turn.


Where can I find more information about Bohinj?

  • If planning your vacation in Bohinj is causing you problems, we recommend that you visit the Bohinj.si website or call one of the TICs. However, if you are already living in Bohinj, you can visit one of the TICs. The first on the way from Ljubljana (if you travel by car) is in Bohinjska Bistrica on Mencingerjeva ulica 10 (TIC Bohinj, Bohinjska Bistrica), the second on Ribčev Laz 48 (TIC Bohinj, Ribčev Laz), and the third in Stara Fužina 53b (TIC Bohinj, Stara Fužina). In Stara Fužina is also the TNP Center, Bohinj.

How can I save when visiting Bohinj?

  • If you are in Bohinj only for a day, the best choice is to buy the Bohinj package. There are 6 different packages containing different attractions. You can buy them in the summer more about Bohinj packages  If you have been staying in Bohinj for a longer period of time, it pays more to buy the Julian Alps: Bohinj card. They can be purchased at information centers and from some providers. It is possible to buy a card for 3, 5, or 10 days. The Julian Alps: Bohinj card includes entrance fees, public transport, parking, and discounts from various providers.

I’m running out of water, now what?

  • Tap water in Bohinj is drinkable. Do not drink standing water.

Where, in addition to Lake Bohinj, is it allowed to swim in the water?

  • If the lake is not refreshing enough, you can also swim in the Sava Bohinjka. Bathing in Mostnica is prohibited. It is also forbidden to swim in high-mountain lakes: Triglav lakes, Krn lake, Kriška lakes, lake on Planina pri Jezeru.

What activities, apart from walking in the mountains and cycling, are also available in Bohinj?

  • Horseback riding
  • Water sports
  • Zipline
  • Climbing
  • Exploring the Govic Cave
  • Skiing
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Fishing: there are 3 districts: Lake Bohinj, Sava Bohinjka, and Mostnica. You need to buy a permit.
  • In summer with a paraglider from Vogel or Vogar
  • Bowling: At the time of Covid-19, bowling is unfortunately closed.
  • Yoga in nature
  • Bohinj photo tours
  • Cooking workshops

You can read more at this link.

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