February 23, 2019


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Tourism Bohinj – zavod za pospeševanje turizma
Stara Fužina 38
SI 4265 Bohinjsko jezero
Tel.: +386 (0)4 57 47 590
Fax: +386 (0)4 57 47 591
E-mail: [email protected]

Representative: director Turizma Bohinj

Klemen Langus
GSM: +386 (0)41 884 392
E-mail: [email protected]

Other business information

  • Davčna številka: 84521147
  • Račun 1: IBAN SI56 0110 0600 0052 888 (UJP – plačilni promet)
  • Račun 2: IBAN SI56 0700 0000 0806 257 (Gorenjska banka d.d., Kranj – gotovinski TR)

Who is responsible for certain parts of this page

  • Owner: Tourism Bohinj (Klemen Langus)
  • Website production and technical support: Kupi.si
  • Design management: dr. Jana Vilman for Tourism Bohinj
  • Content and social media management: Tanja Sodja for Tourism Bohinj



Turizem Bohinj organisation strives to ensure that the information on this website is correct, updated and complete. However, errors, delays and inconsistencies cannot be excluded. Turizem Bohinj assumes no legal liability in respect of completeness, quality and accuracy of any published information. Please inform us, if you notice any irregularity.

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We reserve the right to change, supplement, delete, publish or withdraw the content and legal notifications (partially or in whole) at any time, in any manner and irrespective of the reason without prior notice, and accepts no liability whatsoever for any consequences of such change.

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Users may use all content and services on the website at own risk.

We reserve the right, using our own judgement and without explanation, to remove or alter any comment posted via the social networks, managed by Turizem Bohinj that in any way infringes on the rights of others or is in any way controversial.


All information and material (texts, documents, graphical images and photographs) on the website and social media are subject to copyright or any other protection of intellectual property of Turizem Bohinj and other content, used by related partners.

Content may be used exclusively for personal and non-commercial reasons – any transcription, distribution and other forms of dissemination of content for commercial purposes is permitted only by explicit written permission of Turizem Bohinj. This legal notice can be changed at any time and is binding for all users in any modified form.


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