March 5, 2020


Means of transport and other useful information.

By car

  • Pass Bled and drive through Soteska
  • Over the Pokljuka plateau
  • From Primorska region to the village of Podbrdo and cross Soriško sedlo

By train

  • Direction Jesenice – Bohinjska Bistrica
  • Direction Nova Gorica – Bohinjska Bistrica
  • Take a bus or taxi from Bohinjska Bistrica
  • Slovenian railways timetable

By car train

By bus

  • Direction Jesenice or Ljubljana to Bled – Bohinjska Bistrica – Ribčev Laz
  • Bus time table

By plane (distance between Bohinj and airport)

  • To Ljubljana airport (50km), rent-a-car, take a taxi or bus
  • To Trieste airport (Ronchi, 200km), rent-a-car or take a taxi
  • To Klagenfurt airport (70km), rent-a-car, take a taxi or train

Airports in Slovenia:

Airports near Slovenia


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