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Pastoral architecture of Slovenia and Europe, lecture by dr. Borut Juvanec

22. September, 19:00

Dr. Borut Juvanec, architect and professor, will present the diverse history of pastoral architecture in Slovenia and Europe.
Shepherding has always been an important form of economy of our ancestors, both in the mountains and near the sea. With photographs, documentation and architectural plans, Dr. Juvanec analyses the diverse pastoral architecture of the European countries of the Alps and the Mediterranean, all of which have in common well thought out, often simple and always effective solutions. Slovenia is particularly rich in this regard, but is largely unknown in European terms. As Juvanec writes in his recently published book, pastoral architecture must first be discovered, known and then understood so that we can be proud of it.
You are warmly invited to a lecture where we will walk through the pastures of history!

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22. September


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