Guided tour of the Goreljek marsh for families

Goreljek, Pokljuka Bohinj

Pokljuka has some very special wetlands, which are not only wet, but also interesting because of the mosses that thrive on them. Around the smallest of these peat bogs, there is a nature trail where you can learn all about peat bogs, see the tiny bog plants up close and follow the footprints to find...

Guided walk through the Mostnice gorge for families

Stara Fužina Stara Fužina 53a, Bohinjsko jezero

Maybe you already know the Mostnica gorge, but have you walked through it with a guide who could point out the hidden details and curiosities? The Mostnica in autumn can be full of water, a bit wilder, but also more mysterious... ORGANISED TRANSPORT: Bus departure from Boh. Bistrica train station at 9:10 am, arrival at...

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