Providers in Bohinj

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Cesar (Caesar's) Farm
Tea and jams (Stara Fužina)
Clay soap Alpine Pearl
Natural skin care (Bohinjska Bistrica)
Čokohram - Hotel Kristal
Hotel Kristal, Ribčev Laz
Danica Inn & Guesthouse
Closed until May 2021 due to renovation. At the entrance to the Danica Campsite (Bohinjska Bistrica)
Društvo KaThame
Freedom of body and mind
Ethno Gallery - Mojca Luzar
Zlatorog notebook (Bohinjska Bistrica)
Family Hotel Tripič
Restaurant and pizzeria in Bohinjska Bistrica
Flyfisher's Friend - Govic d.o.o.
Fishing store, tourism and other services

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