October 14, 2020


Guided tours, clothing line, blanket and Bohinj's lunch pack

Bohinj Tourist Association has years of experience in tourism and our mission is to preserve tradition. With our guided tours, we strive to show visitors the authenticity of Bohinj and, through active experiences, together create unforgettable memories of Bohinj.


Tel: +386 (0)45 746 010
Address: Ribčev Laz 48, 4265 Bohinjsko jezero
E-mail: [email protected]
Web:  www.tdbohinj.si

Guided tours


Bunches of mountain flowers are featured on knitted cardigans, caps, scarfs and blankets that can be purchased as souvenirs from Bohinj. A real Bohinj brunch can also be gift-wrapped in a bundle or a box.

  • Women’s cardigan, cap, scarf, buffer, headband, leg warmers, gloves, socks, polo shirt, men’s cardigan, blouse, skirt “Bohinjski pušeljc” (Bohinj Bouquet)
  • Blanket “Bohinjski pušeljc” (Bohinj Bouquet)
  • Pillow  “Bohinjski pušeljc” (Bohinj Bouquet)
  • Bohinj’s lunch (box and bundle)




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