240th anniversary of the first ascent of Mount Triglav

2018 marks the 240th anniversary of the first ascent of Mount Triglav, Slovenia’s highest peak and iconic symbol that features on the country’s flag. This year, a programme of special events will pay homage to the men that completed the first historic ascent, including unique walks and tours at the 12th annual International Wild Flower Festival.  It was in 1777 that renowned scientist and determined mountaineer Balthasar Hacquet first attempted the ascent via mountain pastures Konjščica and Velo Polje, a route that has since become known as the Bohinj Ascent. Then, in 1778, four brave men from Bohinj became the first to complete the climb. The ascent took three days and on August 26 they reached the peak via Zeleni Plaz, recording the path leading to Triglav using stone markers.

This historic feat led to Slovenes being recognised as a true Alpine nation of explorers and mountaineers. The ascent of Mount Triglav took place eight years before Mont Blanc, 22 years before Grossglockner and 87 years before the Matterhorn – while the other mountains may be taller, Slovenes were amongst the first nations to scale their highest peak.

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