July 7, 2021


You can find some ideas for trips around Bohinj here

Through Mostnica gorge to the Voje waterfall

With free summer organized transport, you can reach the parking lot Stara Fužina 8 (Vorenčkojca), where the path to the Mostnica gorge begins, or you can get to Stara Fužina by regular bus lines. The first attraction you can see on the path is the Devil’s bridge. You will reach the entry point after a 5-minute walk. The path through the gorge is picturesque, and sometimes slippery so be careful. After about 1 hour of walking, the path leads you to Koča na Vojah hut. There you can refresh yourself and then continue through the valley to the Voje waterfall. This part of the route takes you another good hour. You can also visit the gorge with a guide  during the summer, every Tuesday at 11:00

From the Koča pri Savici hut to the Savica waterfall

The parking lot at the Koča pri Savici hut can be accessed by bus. If you are planning on coming in your own car, park only in the marked parking lot, otherwise, you will be unpleasantly surprised by a parking penalty. The trail starts at the Koča pri Savici hut and continues to the entry point. 553 stairs take you from the entry point to the waterfall. The journey to the waterfall Savica takes about 20-30 minutes.

To Soriška planina and along the Rapallo border

There is a free bus twice a day every Tuesday and Friday in July and August from Bohinjska Bistrica to Soriška planina (and vice versa). On Saturdays and Sundays, there is a regular Arriva company line that goes from Bohinjska Bistrica to Škofja Loka via Soriška planina. Bicycles can also be loaded on the bus.

Soriška planina lies on the saddle between Železniki and Bohinj and is an ideal point for those who want refreshment on hot summer days. The Lajnar and Brunarica huts operate the whole year. Since Soriška planina is a ski resort in the winter, they have a chairlift that also operates in the summer, it goes to the top of Lajnar mountain. 

The Rapallo border was the historical border between Italy and the Kingdom of SHS (ancestor of today’s Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia). The Rapallo border ran along the peaks above Soriška planina, so it is an ideal starting point for visiting the peaks such as Možic, Slatnar, and Lajnar. The paths are undemanding and also appropriate for kids. You can observe the remains of the old border, which is extremely interesting especially for children and history buffs. You can also have a guided tour of the Rapallo border with a guide. Read more about Soriška planina and Rapallo border at this link.

Hiking along the Pokljuka mountain pastures

With the Hop-on Hop-off bus, Pokljuka is accessible to everyone. The free bus takes you to Rudno polje three times a day. From there you can go for a walk in the Pokljuka mountain pastures, spruce forests, and Pokljuka bogs. We recommend a visit to the Praprotnica, Uskovnica or Zajamniki pastures. On Uskovnica you can refresh yourself in a mountain hut, on Praprotnica you can recharge with earth energy at energy stones, and on Zajamniki you can admire the vies. Cows are present in all the mentioned pastures in the summer, so behave accordingly and give them a priority. If you want to extend your hike you can also visit Konjščica mountain pasture.

In addition to diverse mountains, Pokljuka is a good starting point for the highest peaks in Slovenia.

Zlatorog’s fairytale land path

In Ukanc, at the end of the world, fairytale creatures live. Zlatorog, Polesnjak, Govic dragon, Čatež and others. The kilometer-long trail is intended primarily for families with young children, kindergartens, and the first few classes of primary school. To make the route even more interesting, you can buy a guidebook at the information centers, in Bohinj camp, or online. The booklet contains all the fairy tales, stickers, and a map of the route. 

Botanical trail to Črna Prst mountain

The wealth of flowers combined with a love of hiking. The hike is moderately demanding, lasting from 4 to 7 hours – depending on the choice of destination. You can set off on your own or with a guide. The botanical trail is marked and it is a real experience. 

The most visited viewpoints

Peč and Rudnica: Starting point is in Stara Fužina. You cross the bridge over Mostnica, which also leads you to the bike path. After the bridge you go straight, the signposts direct you towards Peč and Rudnica. The journey takes half an hour to Peč viewpoint. For Rudnica, you just continue on the main path.

The starting point for Vogar is Stara Fužin or the parking lot Stara Fužina 8 (Vorenčkojca). The starting point can be reached by free organized transport. The trail is marked (follow the signs for Kosijev dom na Vogarju) and takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes. There are two viewpoints at the top of Vogar. The first one is about 15 minutes before Kosijev dom hut, where there is also a paraglider take-off point. The other one is west of Kosijev dom hut. 

For Vodnikov razglednik viewpoint you have two options. Either a small hike or a longer one. Both of the starting points (villages Jereka and Koprivnik) can be reached by Hop-on Hop-off bus to Pokljuka. If you get off the bus in Jereka, walk to the bridge over the Jerečica river. After the bridge, the signpost for Vodnikov razglednik points you to the left up the hill. The trail is marked and takes a good hour. If you want a shorter hike, take the bus up to Koprivnik village. From the bus station,  you continue your way to the village and to the church, where there will be a signpost for Vodnikov razglednik. The ascent is minimal and takes about 20 minutes.


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