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The Juliana Trail is a long-distance hiking trail that does not conquer peaks but connects and explores the edge of the Julian Alps and the Triglav National Park.
The Bohinjsko/From Bohinj brand stands for the authenticity of top-quality local products and services, wholeheartedly endorsed by the locals.
From the lowlands to the highest peaks, Bohinj is an inexhaustible source of new experiences for hiking enthusiasts. There are more than 300 km of marked hiking trails in Bohinj. For many of the trails in Bohinj, a good mood and a suitable hiking shoe are enough, but others can be much more challenging.
A guided panoramic ride is an interesting complement to your activities, an exciting and educational adventure for the young ones and an ecological way to get to the other side of the lake.

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Bohinj is shaped and ennobled by the people who live here. We are bound to do this, not only by law and international conventions on environmental protection or commitments to sustainable development. This is our home, which we share with pride and warm hospitality with all those who value it and are willing to respect the “house rules”.

The fact that we are thinking and acting in the right direction is proven by international awards and the fact that we are the first destination with the platinum national label of the Slovenia Green scheme.

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Bohinjska kulinarika in domače sestavine, ki jo bogatijo, so neizogiben del pristnega doživetja Bohinja. Obiščite gostilne s certifikatom Bohinjsko/From Bohinj in se spoznajte s pozabljenimi okusi preteklosti v sodobnih preoblekah, z izpričano tradicionalnimi jedmi, ki vam bodo pogrele srce, ali s takšnimi, ki vas bodo z drznostjo bohinjskih okusov popolnoma očarale. Ne zamudite enega okusnejših obrazov Bohinja.