Glorified in Slovenian poetry, mystical and mysterious. The birthplace of the love story between Bogomila and Črtomir.

The Savica Waterfall is not the only waterfall in the world that can be called a double waterfall, although that makes it truly enchanting. Nor is it the only waterfall that falls at the end of the world, nor is it the only one that falls in the Land of the Zlatorog. But he is certainly unique in the other dualities that are part of its life story.

Its journey does not begin by bursting out into the day in the middle of the steep precipice wall of Komarča and then gracefully plunging 78 metres down into a green water basin in two legs. No, the Savica waterfall is a much more unique waterfall – twice as unique and every drop in its story can write a scenario twice as suspenseful as any drop in any other unique waterfall in the world.

The Savica waterfall is unique among waterfalls in the world, as the water flow splits into two streams in the hidden underground. The famous A-shaped waterfall is 78 m high at an altitude of 836 m at normal water level.

It is fed by water flowing from the Triglav Lakes Valley and from under Pršivec, which reaches the waterfall through a horizontal cave tunnel. The original karst cave hides numerous siphons and underground lakes in its depths and is accessible only with guides and the right equipment.

Entrance fee to the Savica Waterfall

– Adults: 3,00 EUR
– Children 7-14 years: 1,50 EUR
– Pupils, students: 2,50 EUR
– Seniors 65+: 2,50 EUR

Discount is granted only with suitable identification.

– Adults: 4,00 EUR
– Children 7-14 years: 2,00 EUR
– Pupils, students: 2,50 EUR
– Seniors 65+: 2,50 EUR

Discount is granted only with suitable identification.

– Adults: 2,70 EUR
– Children 7-14 years: 1,30 EUR
– Pupils, students: 2,20 EUR
– Seniors 65+: 2,20 EUR

Discount is granted only with suitable identification.

– Pre-school children up to and including 6 years.
– Members of the Bohinj Tourist Board (with membership card).
– Julian Alps: Bohinj card holders
– Persons on official duty who are not involved in tourism activities (water service, forest rangers, Triglav National Park).

The entrance fee includes accident insurance.

Discounts are mutually exclusive.

Prices valid from 1. 1. January 2018 onwards.

Prices include VAT.

We reserve the right to change prices without prior notice.

The Savica waterfall is one of the most beautiful and largest Slovenian waterfalls, which completely captivates you with its primordial energy. The mighty Savica is a beauty in all weathers. The ideal destination for those who like to combine the pleasant with the beneficial.

The Savica waterfall lies in the heart of the Triglav National Park, where the highest form of nature protection applies. Remember that you are guests of a beautiful but delicate nature, which should remain unchanged after your visit.

“… as the foam of her wrath flies to heaven!” (France Prešeren, The Baptism at Savica)

How to get to the Savica waterfall

  • on foot along a well-marked footpath from Hotel Zlatorog (about an hour’s walk to the car park under the Savica waterfall)
  • by car on the asphalted road to the car park at the Koča pri Savici
  • by bicycle on footpaths (mountain bikes are recommended) or on asphalted roads
  • by bus to the car park (only in summer months), by bus to Ukanc (every day)

Starting point for mountain tours

Koča pri Savici is the starting point for Komna and the Triglav Lakes Valley. The first mountain trail goes from the Savica Hut on the left (not to the waterfall) through Pekel (it is about a three-hour walk to the Komna Hut).

The second mountain trail crosses the bridge over the Savica at Koča pri Savici and at the crossroads follow the signs for Komarča. On a steep and quite exposed (but well-guarded and extremely scenic) trail, you will first reach the Black Lake and then continue on the trail to the Hut by the Triglav Lakes (4-5 hours’ walk).

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