Bohinj is an ideal starting point for venturing into the world below Triglav, which is why Triglav was first conquered by the local Bohinj people. The Bohinj mountains, full of life in summer, are densely packed with trails. From the lowlands to the highest peaks, Bohinj is an inexhaustible source of new experiences for hiking enthusiasts. There are more than 300 km of marked hiking trails in Bohinj. You can also use the OUTDOOR ACTIVE app to plan your hikes and walks.

The Zlatorog Fairy Trail is a 2 kilometres long, fun, educational and creative themed trail for children.
The trail runs along the Mostnica Gorge and Voje Valley that belong among the most beautiful natural sights in Bohinj. They offer views of crystal clear pools and boldly water-shaped rocks, as well as diverse flora and fauna and a cultural landscape that has been nurtured by the people throughout the centuries.
The trail high above the valley leads you from Vogel Ski Centre below the ridge of the South Bohinj Range to Komna plateau, which can be experienced in all its diversity, because it offers beautiful views of the surrounding peaks. From Komna you hike downhill to the Koča pri Savici alpine lodge at the end of Bohinj Valley.
The Ribnica stream carved a magnificent gorge with many waterfalls above Srednja vas. The gorge is so well hidden that many people do not even know about it.
An easy hike from Rudno polje to Uskovnica offers beautiful views of the Triglav mountain range and the Bohinj and Tolmin mountains.
Bistrica with the Pod Luknjo spring is the strongest influx to the Sava Bohinjka River. The waterfall has quite a large volume after extensive rainfall.
The trail leads you from Vogel Ski Centre south-east to the ridge of South Bohinj Range and the panoramic Rodica mountain that offers exceptional views of Bohinj, the main part of the Julian Alps and Triglav as well as the deeply carved Tolmin valleys. You can also see the Primorska and Friuli regions. Along the way, you can also visit the Suha pasture, where cattle graze in summer. From Suha, you can hike downhill to the valley and Ribčev Laz.
Many points along the circular trail to the top of Rudnica offer views of almost all corners of Bohinj and the surrounding mountains. Rudnica separates Bohinj in the Lower and Upper Bohinj Valleys.
Spoznajte robje vodno okolje ter zgodovino pretovke in dejavnosti ob njej.
The trail on the slopes of Vogel, which is a very popular excursion destination in warm months of the year, offers magnificent views. And it is also not too hot in summer due to the high altitude.
A short and easy walk takes you to Vodnikov razglednik View Point that offers wonderful views of the Lower and Upper Bohinj Valleys, the lake basin and the surrounding mountains.
The path around Bohinj runs along the Juliana Trail, i.e. along stages 6 and 7. If you walk along this trail, you will learn Bohinj through the eyes of people who have created the cultural and natural landscape for centuries by making ties, exploiting natural assets and living with animals.
JULIANA TRAIL is a 267-km-long trail around the Julian Alps. The trail leads through valleys, over mountain passes, forests, through urban and rural areas and along the Soča and Sava rivers.
Visit Črna prst mountain in early summer, where you will witness the great variety and beauty of the flowers growing there while walking along the Botanical Trail.
An easy hike across the Pokljuka around the peat bog that is one of the southernmost bogs in Europe. The info board provides information about the flora and fauna of this sensitive habitat area.
Rudnica hill is located right in the heart of Bohinj. It is a panoramic hill, accessible almost from all villages of the Upper and Lower Bohinj Valley. Rudnica links both valley and offers majestic views of almost all corners of Bohinj and its surrounding mountains.
The trails takes you right in the heart of Triglav National Park, where you can steel feel the rich tradition of alpine dairy farming, see the panoramic valley and enjoy the views of the mightly peaks, versatile ridges and crystal clear lakes, pass mountain huts where you can freshen up with local delicacies and get energy to continue hiking.
The Zajamniki pasture is recognised by its panoramic location on the sunny side of the Pokljuka plateau. The cottages and stalls are reminiscent of an extended village, because they are built in an arch along the main road.
In certain places in the nature there are spots that contains less and more powerfull energy spots, and one of those spots can be found on Pokljuka.

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Always put safety first

For many of the trails in Bohinj, a good mood and suitable hiking shoes are enough, but others can be much more challenging. Of course, not everyone needs to go to Triglav, as a walk along the lake can be a real experience of colour and light, beautiful views and idyllic spots. Respect yourself and your limitations, as well as nature and its capricious ability to turn from an idyllic oasis into a dangerous experience in the blink of an eye. On the website of the Slovenian Mountaineering Association you can read detailed guidance on mountain safety in different situations and seasons.

Winter hiking

Winter hiking has its own special rules and requires even more preparation, knowledge and caution on the part of hikers. Find out what you need to know to walk safely in snowy mountains.

Ice skating is an exciting and elegant winter activity, especially great for family time outdoors. Two pairs of sharp blades, good balance and gloves, and you’re ready to enjoy on the ice.
Experience the charm of a snowy landscape with an ancient way of walking on snow. As well as a good cardiovascular workout, you’ll experience lots of great views, well-ventilated lungs and some interesting facts about the area you’re exploring that your guide will tell you about.
If you are experienced enough, have checked the weather forecast, have chosen a safe route, are in good shape, and have good equipment that you know how to use, you may still want to venture into the mountain world. For your consideration, here are some safety tips.
Juliana Ski Tour, Foto Janko Humar
The Juliana SkiTour is a four-day ski touring adventure across the Julian Alps, from Kranjska Gora in the north to Tolmin in the south. The Juliana SkiTour is a combination of four different ski tours, which can be guided and with an organised transfer.

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