Bohinj can be enjoyed in all seasons and in all weathers. We will welcome you with open arms – in our own way, to make you feel special. But our priority will always be to preserve the Alpine idyll.

From the lowlands to the highest peaks, Bohinj is an inexhaustible source of new experiences for hiking enthusiasts. There are more than 300 km of marked hiking trails in Bohinj. For many of the trails in Bohinj, a good mood and a suitable hiking shoe are enough, but others can be much more challenging.
From the Bohinj Cycling Route to the Juliana Bike touring bike venture, we are developing cycling for all generations in Bohinj.
Clean waters and smart fish make for good and interesting fishing. Enjoy unspoiled nature with easy access to fishing spots where every angler can find their own corner.
A guided panoramic ride is an interesting complement to your activities, an exciting and educational adventure for the young ones and an ecological way to get to the other side of the lake.
The Juliana Trail is a long-distance hiking trail that does not conquer peaks but connects and explores the edge of the Julian Alps and the Triglav National Park.
Visit the excellent wellness, selfness and yoga providers in Bohinj and take care of your body's balance.
Juliana Bike takes you on a 290-kilometre route around the Julian Alps in 7 stages suitable for long distance cycling.
Rafting is an experience that awakens all your senses. An adrenaline experience, which includes avoiding rocks, overcoming rapids, discovering one’s own limits and enjoying time in nature, is appropriate for all generations.
It only takes a few strokes of the paddle to take you to a wonderful world of beauty, peace and tranquillity. Lake Bohinj is the perfect place for your first swings into a new adventure, as you can explore it on your own. The Sava Bohinjka is more challenging.
Canyoning is a term used to describe swimming and descending down the beds of mountain rivers. Easier parts mostly include swimming and jumping in river pools, in narrower parts you have to use the rope and climb over high waterfalls.
There is 16 climbing sites and almost 500 well-equipped directions of all difficulties When conditions are not favourable for outdoor climbing, there is an almost 11 m high artificial climbing wall in the Danica multi-purpose hall.
Tandem paragliding in Bohinj is a unique experience. You can fly from either the Vogar or Vogel viewpoint, both of which offer breathtaking views of Bohinj and the Julian Alps. In good conditions, the view stretches all the way to the sea.
Where are the bathing areas on Lake Bohinj and where else can you go swimming in Bohinj. What are the prohibitions on high mountain lakes.
If the snow conditions are right, Bohinj has a number of carefully groomed ski slopes at various ski resorts and winter centres, suitable for a wide range of skiing abilities and tastes.
In optimal snow conditions, Bohinj turns into a cross-country skiing paradise. In total, there is more than 70 km of cross-country skiing trails in the Upper and Lower Bohinj valleys, Pokljuka and Soriška Planina.
The proverbially long and cold winters in Bohinj were sometimes accompanied by the saying, that winter in Bohinj lasts for 13 months. But times have changed, and some winters go by without or with just a little bit of snow. Find out what you can do in Bohinj in winter.
The Juliana SkiTour is a four-day ski touring adventure across the Julian Alps, from Kranjska Gora in the north to Tolmin in the south. The Juliana SkiTour is a combination of four different ski tours, which can be guided and with an organised transfer.
Don't miss the meetings with local tourist guides and locals who will show you the secrets of Bohinj as only we, the locals from Bohinj know and love it.
A playful descent down a snowy slope. A very simple experience in the fresh winter air that will put a big smile on the faces of the little ones. Sledging can take place on specific parts of the slopes and on arranged sledding areas.
If you are experienced enough, have checked the weather forecast, have chosen a safe route, are in good shape, and have good equipment that you know how to use, you may still want to venture into the mountain world. For your consideration, here are some safety tips.
Experience the charm of a snowy landscape with an ancient way of walking on snow. As well as a good cardiovascular workout, you'll experience lots of great views, well-ventilated lungs and some interesting facts about the area you're exploring that your guide will tell you about.
Ice skating is an exciting and elegant winter activity, especially great for family time outdoors. Two pairs of sharp blades, good balance and gloves, and you're ready to enjoy on the ice.
For those who want to brighten up an afternoon or evening, spend an active rainy day or are just looking for fun. Bohinj ECO Hotel, with its own five bowling lanes, is the right choice for both adults and children.


Every season has its own patterns, every path has its own explorers, and every corner of nature appeals to different senses. Finding the right mix of possibilities and the perfect balance between enjoying the present moment and personal growth, is an art that takes a lifetime to learn. Let us help you with some basic tips in the Bohinj area.


What time of year is best?

The enchanting silence of a winter idyll or the playful liveliness of a summer holiday? The colourful exuberance of spring or the tranquil glow of autumn landscapes? Bohinj is exceptional in every season. It’s most busy in the heat of summer and the peak of the ski season, but even then, there are always quiet corners if you know where to look.

What about the weather? Here we say there is no such thing as bad weather, only inadequate equipment. With a little planning, you can make the most of every moment of the year for unforgettable experiences. But always act responsibly and adapt your destination to the current weather conditions.


Activities for families

Spending quality time with the family are the best memories that children carry into adulthood. “I can’t make it” and “is it far still” can easily be turned into “oh wow” and “when are we going again” if you spice up the “boring” walkabouts with good stories, interesting information and creative ideas.

We recommend the guided experiences of the Bohinjsko/From Bohinj brand and the Zlatorog Fairytale Trail. And to make the most of your holiday budget, take advantage of the Julian Alps Bohinj Card.


Feel the peace and tranquillity

The cure for the main challenges of the modern world (stress, unhealthy lifestyles, lack of time and the enormous amount of information at every turn) is quite simple: start by treating yourself to peace and quiet. Although it is not easy to incorporate them into everyday life, they can be our goal on holidays.

Take your mind off things, breathe deeply with your diaphragm, ground yourself by barefoot walking, close your eyes and listen to the natural pulse of your surroundings and allow yourself to mindfully enjoy the present moment. More and more research confirms how crucial it is to get back in touch with nature.

From Bohinj around Slovenia

During your stay in Bohinj, we also recommend excursions in the Julian Alps iand elsewhere in Slovenia. The Bohinj summer and winter Julian Alps Cards offer lots of great ideas (and great discounts) for making your stay more enjoyable – even with public transport.


Find the right balance between spontaneity and planning your holiday in Bohinj.

All the latest information in Bohinj gathered in one place. Find out what you should know before arriving in Bohinj.
Information, reservations, purchase of maps and souvenirs… The Tourist information centers will be happy to help you plan your holiday.