Clear waters, dramatic scenery, silence under the mountains and clever fish always make for interesting fishing and attract more and more fly-fishing enthusiasts.

Although we restrict visits, especially in the most sensitive fishing areas, to protect the natural balance, there are plenty of opportunities for fishermen and nature lovers. The idyllic mountain world always offers new experiences.


There are three fishing areas in Bohinj: Lake Bohinj, Sava Bohinjka and Mostnica. The fishing areas are easily accessible and anyone who is a bit of a wanderer will find their perfect paradise.

Lake Bohinj, the largest glacial lake in Slovenia, is home to the indigenous lake trout, the burbot and the chub. The non-indigenous charr, which already dominates the lake, is the ultimate speciality for fish gourmets.
The Sava Bohinjka River is a lovely Alpine river that flows out of Lake Bohinj, running through a narrow valley at times squeezed into a gorge. This river is home primarily to salmonids such as the brook trout, grayling, rainbow trout, Danube salmon (or huchen) and whiting.
The Mostnica is a stream that rises at the head of the Alpine valley of Voje and is known primarily for its deep channels that the pristine water has furrowed out on its way to the valley. The stream is home to brook trout, rainbow trout and grayling.

Map of the fishing area in Bohinj

Fishing packages

Best deal fishing packages in one of the most beautiful fishing areas in Slovenia.

Fishing permits


  • 1-day permit (catch & take): 40 EUR
  • 1-day permit – youth, shore (catch & take): 20 EUR
  • also available: 3, 5 and 7-day permits  


  • 1-day permit (catch & release): 55 EUR
  • 1-day permit (catch & take): 75 EUR
  • also available: 3, 5 and 7-day permits  


  • 1-day permit Mostnica + Sava Bohinjka (catch & release): 100,00 EUR

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Important information:

Annual and multi-day fishing permits are non-transferable and must be ordered at the Fishing association Bohinj.

The annual permit shall be checked in combination with a valid identity document.

Misuse of the annual licence shall be punishable by confiscation and a fine.