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What is good to know before coming to Bohinj?
Check when the info centres in Bohinj are open, what activities are currently available and other useful information.

Traffic and parking

Info centres

Need help finding accommodation? Looking for tips for excursions or other activities to make your holiday in Bohinj more enjoyable? Need a map and quality information for safe hiking? Visit us at our info points. We’ll be happy to help.

Which sights can you visit?


If you are experienced enough, have checked the weather forecast, have chosen a safe route, are fit and have good equipment, you may still want to venture into the mountain world. 

We recommend visiting the mountains in small groups and following safety recommendations. We also ask mountain visitors to go into the mountains with common sense and to limit their hikes to their abilities and the equipment they have.

Movement on the Ožarjeni kamen to Pršivec trail is life-threatening due to the crumbly terrain and rockfall.

More information:  Mountain Association of Slovenia

Which safety warnings should be observed:

  • In addition to other equipment, keep a protective mask and disinfectant in your rucksack.

  • Due to the declared epidemic, mountain rescue is carried out under special conditions and in compliance with all protocols, the intervention time from the call for mountain rescuers to the arrival of the casualty is significantly prolonged, even if the casualty is on a mountain trail that is categorised as an easy mountain trail according to the categorisation of mountain trails.

  • All casualties must be treated as if they are infected with Covid-19 and on this assumption the helicopter crew may refuse transport in case a helicopter rescue is even possible (weather, wind or mountain conditions).

  • Mountain paths may be damaged, as the activity of the trail blazing has also stopped in the time since the epidemic was declared (broken ropes, damaged steps, damaged parts due to erosion activities and the effects of winter…).

  • Erosion (snow, cold, temperature fluctuations, etc.), which is particularly active in spring, increases the possibility of falling rocks, especially where paths pass under cliffs.

  • Movement on the Ožarjeni kamen to Pršivec trail is life-threatening due to the crumbly terrain and rockfall.

Safety guidelines

Information and useful links related to measures to contain the spread of covid-19.

RVT condition

With 21. February, the monitoring of the RVT condition will be discontinued, except in the most critical activities (health and social care facilities).

Up-to-date information

For all the latest information on the new coronavirus, you can call from Monday to Friday between 8. am and 4 pm:

  • Ministry of Health: +386 1 478 68 48 (current measures to limit the spread of the virus, PCT condition, organisation of vaccination, testing),
  • NIJZ: +386 1 244 17 29 (questions about hygiene and epidemiological recommendations, the digital covid certificate and technical issues related to vaccination),
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs: +386 1 478 23 05 (consular affairs).

General information

  • Use of protective masks

    Mask use is mandatory in healthcare facilities!

  • In Slovenia, wearing a mask in all enclosed public places and on public transport is recommended.
  • Distance

    Keep a safe distance of 2 meters.

  • Hand washing

    Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly with soap and water (or disinfectant).

  • Cough hygiene

    Maintain a proper cough hygiene.

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