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What is good to know before coming to Bohinj?
Check when the info centres in Bohinj are open, what activities are currently available and other useful information.

Winter is not over just yet

Check which snow activities are still available.
Careful in the mountains!

Ski resorts and winter centres

Last update: 19. 3. 2024 at 7:30

Avalanche danger level

Crossrisk logo The population of the cross border SI-AT program region is in many aspects exposed to hazards caused by rain and snow. In order to warn about these conditions, the CROSSRISK project, in cooperation of Austrian and Slovenian warning services (meteorological services, competent departments of the countries) and scientific partners draws up uniform warnings of precipitation-related dangers.

New features on Vogel

This year, the Vogel has gained a very important new feature: the new Zadnji Vogel Circular Cable Car, which has already received its operating licence and will be available for use during this year’s ski season.

The new cable car will also be in operation during the summer and will be included in the archaeological hiking trail in the high mountains, which will lead from the top station of the circular cable car to the archaeological site of Dolga Planja and descend to the Zadnji Vogel alpine meadow.

The new circular cable car will also be important in terms of facilities for cyclists, as it will be possible to raise the seats in the cabin and allow the transport of bicycles. At the same time, the Orlove Glave bike route will also be improved.





We hope this information will help you plan your visit to Bohinj and the Julian Alps. We look forward to welcoming you to this beautiful destination soon!


This link provides information on parking, public transport and organised transport in Bohinj. The ski bus is scheduled to start on 23 December. Timetables are published on

Info centres

Need help finding accommodation? Looking for tips for excursions or other activities to make your holiday in Bohinj more enjoyable? Need a map and quality information for safe hiking? Visit us at our info points. We’ll be happy to help.

BOHINJ 2023/2024

Which sights can you visit?


If you are experienced enough, have checked the weather forecast, have chosen a safe route, are fit and have good equipment, you may still want to venture into the mountain world. 


We recommend visiting the mountains in small groups and following safety recommendations.

We also ask mountain visitors to go into the mountains with common sense and to limit their hikes to their abilities and the equipment they have.

Movement on the Ožarjeni kamen to Pršivec trail is life-threatening due to the crumbly terrain and rockfall.

More information: Planinska zveza Slovenije

Koča pod Bogatinom, Foto: Pavel Korošec

Before the tour, let’s ask ourselves:

  • How well prepared am I (mentally and physically)? Is the chosen route suitable for me?
  • What is the weather forecast? Poor weather and visibility can increase walking times by up to 10 times. Do I have clothes that will protect me from strong winds, cold and precipitation? Is there a hut, bivouac, shelter on the way where I can retreat?
  • In what condition is the chosen path? Which direction will I walk (north, south, east, west)? Prepare a route plan. Divide the route into smaller sections, allow for breaks and approximate walking times. Create a picture of the route and walk it in your mind.
  • Do I have all the things I need for today’s tour in my rucksack?
  • How far is it and how long will it take me to complete the whole journey? We are only halfway to the top – our goal is to return safely to the valley and home.
  • How steep is the terrain? Will I have to walk it in the parts, which will take more time (but is less tiring)?
  • What is the terrain like? Are there boulders, scree on the way? Is there a bush on the way that will slow me down, or will I be able to get around it?
  • Are there features on the route that I will have to overcome: switchbacks, rivers, steep jumps? Can I bypass them?
  • What dangers might I encounter on the way: precipices, a grassy world, falling rocks?
  • How to walk?
  • What walking speed should I take? Are there children with you?
  • Plan your trip accordingly.
  • Choose a tour that suits your physical and mental fitness, taking into account your health and the health of the tour participants. Pay particular attention if you have any chronic diseases, allergies or are a heart patient.

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