The International Wild Flower Festival is a bouquet of botanical tours, events and culinary experiences dedicated to wild plants, the floral wealth of Bohinj and the local offer.

Festival events take place every year in May and June at various locations in Bohinj, which comprises 24 villages and covers an area of more than 300 km².

The extraordinary plant wealth of the wider Bohinj area has long been a source of interest for botanical experts and admiration for lovers of nature and its beauty. From the earliest beginnings of the scientific study of Slovenian flora, the mountains above Bohinj have been considered a veritable treasure trove of Alpine flowers.

From early spring to autumn, the floral wealth of Bohinj and the mountains above it is a feast for the eyes of everyone who visits Bohinj and its surroundings. As soon as the snow melts, the Helleborus and other harbingers of spring bloom… colourful meadows and hay meadows, shy wildflowers and the splendour of mountain flowers all the way to the highest peaks in summer… and when the forests burst into autumn colours, the beauty of the flowers in autumn – it’s all there for the eye to see. But: the more we know about something, the more we notice! If we go just a little bit deeper into learning about plants and native flowers, the beautiful yellow flower will no longer be just a yellow flower – it will be our friend, about whom we will know a lot of interesting things, and about whom we will be all the happier to meet! Flowers are associated with a wealth of knowledge, stories, ancient wisdom, scientific discoveries, they accompany us from birth to death, inspire creativity and brighten our lives. In the hectic pace of everyday life, we often overlook all these interesting facts. Unfortunately! Moreover, all this floral wealth needs our care and protection so that it can be preserved for the future. Many plant species are threatened, and some are even threatened with extinction.

In order to give the floral wealth of Bohinj, the Triglav National Park and Slovenia the right profile, to encourage the discovery of Alpine flowers, scientific knowledge and creativity related to them, and to enable visitors and locals to experience Bohinj’s nature and cultural heritage in a richer way, we have decided to dedicate a few days to floral themes at a time when most of the autoflowering flowers are in full bloom. From botanical knowledge to folk traditions, from artistic creation to discovering what is not only beautiful – but even belongs in the pot and on the table! And so the idea of the International Wild Flower Festival in Bohinj was born!

Floral menus will be available again during 18. International Wild Flower Festival (24 May - 9 June 2024)
Discover the exhibitions that will take place during the 18. International Wild Flower Festival!


During the festival days, there is a whole host of cultural events related to floral themes – from art exhibitions to music evenings. You know – flowers have always inspired artists! Experts have the opportunity to discuss Alpine plants, their knowledge, conservation and importance. There will be workshops and presentations on the many areas and ways in which wildflowers can brighten and enrich our lives. Under the guidance of local guides and botanical experts, you can discover the floral riches of Bohinj, its surroundings and other botanically interesting areas of Slovenia. You can experience Bohinj in a new way – and learn a lot about its past, the harmony between man and nature, and the beauty that sometimes lies in the little things that go unnoticed.

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Polesnjak the elf and mountain flowers at Bregar’s and Knofl’s Alpine Lodges

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This year, the meadows of Bohinj seem to have made a special effort to be dressed in the most festive floral colours, as if they know that the 18th International Alpine Flower Festival is also paying tribute to the remarkable 100th anniversary of the signing of the lease agreement for the establishment of the Alpine Conservation Park, the predecessor of the Triglav National Park. With the support of the FRACTAL project, which promotes green infrastructure in urban and rural settlements in the Alps, this year we were able to take the festival events from the Bohinj valley across the entire Julian Alps.

Together, we can build a more sustainable future where we can enjoy the magic of meadows in bloom for many years to come.

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You have entered the Zlatorog Fairy Trail. Seven fairy tale characters are waiting for you and you can put a stamp next to each one in this booklet. The booklet also contains additional interesting puzzles related to the fairy tale trail.
Bohinj is transformed into a large botanical garden in springtime, when the first flowers bloom. Bohinj has more than 1,000 different species of plants. This garden is the treasure at the heart of the International Wild Flower Festival.
The botanical reputation of the Black soil and its surroundings has been known for more than 200 years. Karel Zois and F. X. Wulfen are mainly responsible for this, but later other researchers also visited the site. Even without this information, however, anyone who climbs mountain Črna prst in early summer will notice the great variety and beauty of the flowers growing there, which this book will help you to find and identify.

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The Bohinj iris (Iris cengialti f. vochinensis) is certainly one of the most beautiful flowers that can be admired in the Bohinj area and is considered one of Bohinj’s botanical specialities. Its beauty and luxurious flowers have brought it from its natural habitat into gardens. It has rightly become the hallmark of the International Wild Flower Festival!

Since ancient times, Iris has been associated with many traditions and beliefs. It was given special importance in the Minoan culture of Crete. A fresco dating from around 1500 BC depicting irises, the oldest known representation of the plant, has been discovered in the Royal Palace of Knossos.

Slavic peoples associate this flower with the god of sky and lightning, Perun, or his wife Perunika. The Slovenian name of the plant – Perunika – is also reminiscent of this mythological connection. In many Slavic nations, the belief that the root of a Perunika plant protects a person or a home from lightning has survived to this day. (Like many men, the god Perun usually took his wife’s advice – and the iris was a sign of her presence!).

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In 2020, the International Wild Flower Festival was digitized. The 2020 festival’s theme was “For every disease, a rose grows”. Although we are sad that we couldn’t celebrate our beloved green and flower-festooned oasis together in the traditional way in person, we hope you will find plenty of inspiration and positive vibes in the videos.

And because Bohinj is just a step away from your home, you can fully experience the colourful meadows, fragrant green forests, diverse network of hiking trails, breathtaking views, delicacies and masterpieces from the local market, and delicious flower menus on an individual basis. And our digital “guides” will help you understand, know and see more than you would otherwise.

All digital events of the festival are also organised in a playlist.

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