19. MAY - 4. JUNE 2023

The International Wild Flower Festival is a bouquet of botanical tours, events and culinary experiences dedicated to wild plants, the floral wealth of Bohinj and the local offer.

Festival events take place every year in May and June at various locations in Bohinj, which comprises 24 villages and covers an area of more than 300 km².

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Bohinj is transformed into a large botanical garden in springtime, when the first flowers bloom. Bohinj has more than 1,000 different species of plants. This garden is the treasure at the heart of the International Wild Flower Festival.
The botanical reputation of the Black soil and its surroundings has been known for more than 200 years. Karel Zois and F. X. Wulfen are mainly responsible for this, but later other researchers also visited the site. Even without this information, however, anyone who climbs mountain Črna prst in early summer will notice the great variety and beauty of the flowers growing there, which this book will help you to find and identify.

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All the latest information in Bohinj gathered in one place. Find out what you should know before coming to Bohinj and which festive events we have prepared for you.
Find the right balance between spontaneity and planning your holiday in Bohinj. Find out what not to miss and what to consider in the Bohinj area.
About parking and free organised transport to your favourite hiking starting points in Bohinj. Green mobility.

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In 2020, the International Wild Flower Festival was digitized. The 2020 festival’s theme was “For every disease, a rose grows”. Although we are sad that we couldn’t celebrate our beloved green and flower-festooned oasis together in the traditional way in person, we hope you will find plenty of inspiration and positive vibes in the videos.

And because Bohinj is just a step away from your home, you can fully experience the colourful meadows, fragrant green forests, diverse network of hiking trails, breathtaking views, delicacies and masterpieces from the local market, and delicious flower menus on an individual basis. And our digital “guides” will help you understand, know and see more than you would otherwise.

All digital events of the festival are also organised in a playlist.

Programme of the International Wild Flower Festival (2022)

Booklet Bohinj in bloom (2019)