Parking and public transport

You can check on the map the location and availability of car parks, parking charges, timetables of free shuttle services and possible road closures. Take advantage of free organised transport and the benefits of the Julian Alps – Bohinj Card.

  • Parking is only allowed on marked parking spaces (Ordinance on the traffic regime in the area of Lake Bohinj, Official Gazette of the Municipality of Bohinj No.5/08-UPB1, 1/09, 3/10, 3/11, 2/12).
  • Overnight, motorhomes can park only in designated parking lots: at the railway station in Bohinjska Bistrica and the Senožeta parking lot in Srednja vas, as well as at the Danica and Bohinj campsites.

  • Two information boards are placed in front of Bohinjska Bistrica and at the entrance to Ribčev Laz to inform visitors about the occupancy of the car parks and direct them to the free parking spaces.
  • We ask stationary guests to leave their vehicles with their hosts during their stay and to use public transport, which is free for Julian Alps – Bohinj Cardholders, and bicycles to discover Bohinj.
  • If you have any problems with the operation of parking machines, parking cards or paying the parking fee, a help and support service is available during the opening hours of the car parks from 6 am to 8 pm by calling +386 (0)51 304 169.
  • For car parks P7, P8 and the Stara Fužina – Voje – Vogar – Blato road, please call +386 (0)70 710 085.
  • All information related to the traffic regime in Bohinj, including answers to frequently asked questions, can be found on the website


3 lines during winter season: SKI BUS BOHINJ.
We are also announcing organised transport in the summer season: June – September 2024. Nine lines will take you around Bohinj.


Bohinj’s remarkable beauty is not a given. Every action we take leaves its imprint on the environment. Together, we can make sure that our personal values and positive attitude towards nature are also reflected in our travel habits. Make the most of the opportunities to reduce traffic congestion at the most visited tourist spots in all seasons.

Timetables web app

We are excited to show you a step forward in digitising destinations in the Julian Alps. We are excited to show you a step forward in digitising destinations in the Julian Alps. We are the first in Slovenia to introduce an innovative mobility solution, an integrated web application with public transport timetables, dedicated to providing the best possible passenger information everywhere, at all times.

In the current phase, the timetables web app includes all extra local transport services provided by destinations in the Julian Alps during the summer season, but not yet the public passenger transport lines of Slovenia. The integration of public transport providers is planned for the end of this year. We are also working on implementing real-time data, to display possible delays. As soon as the project’s last phase is finished, a mobile application will be released as well.

The operation is co-financed by the Climate Fund of the Republic of Slovenia.

Julian Alps: Bohinj Card

Other parking cards

Summer: free shuttle services

Help us take the pressure off the hottest tourist spots and save money at the same time. Get to Bohinj by public transport, or leave your car in the inexpensive car parks away from the lake and take free organised shuttles to the starting point during the summer season.

Julian Alps – Bohinj Card holderscan also get around Bohinj for free on regular bus routes.

Winter: Ski bus + Bohinj-ski train

During the winter season, the Ski Bus takes you to the ski slopes, free of charge for holders of the Julian Alps – Bohinj Winter BASIC and PREMIUM Card, and for Bohinj residents, for all those who arrive for skiing by train.

Free ski bus rides are also available to all those who purchase the Bohinj Train package.

Taxis and on-call transfers

Taxis are the perfect alternative for transport on special occasions when there are no organised services or regular routes.

In addition to free shuttle services, on-call services are also available during the summer, winter and holiday seasons.

Discover the Julian Alps

Destinations in the Julian Alps have additional public transport lines during the main summer and winter seasons and are very well connected.

Visit Bled, Radovljica, the Soča Valley or Kranjska Gora by train or bus!


Instead of using cars, choose greener solutions: panoramic boat, cycling, hiking