With high peaks, lush forests, flowering meadows and a wealth of water, the Julian Alps are the ideal destination for your next active break. You can find inspiration in as many as ten destinations in the Julian Alps, each offering a slightly different shade of perfection. Stay in Bohinj and take a trip around the Julian Alps and elsewhere in Slovenia and take advantage of the benefits offered by the Julian Alps: Bohinj Card.

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The Juliana Trail is a long-distance hiking trail that does not conquer peaks but connects and explores the edge of the Julian Alps and the Triglav National Park.
Juliana Bike takes you on a 290-kilometre route around the Julian Alps in 7 stages suitable for long distance cycling.
Juliana Ski Tour, Foto Janko Humar
The Juliana SkiTour is a four-day ski touring adventure across the Julian Alps, from Kranjska Gora in the north to Tolmin in the south. The Juliana SkiTour is a combination of four different ski tours, which can be guided and with an organised transfer.

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Bohinj is a remarkable place, imbued with an ancient memory that exists in the minds of the locals, perhaps the majority of Slovenians. Although faced with trade-offs between modern challenges and the inherited preserved nature, we have proudly accepted the long-term challenge of preserving Bohinj’s cultural identity.

Our lake has not been built over and turned into a monotonous resort. It is an essential part of the unique Triglav National Park and UNESCO-MAB site. To preserve all this, we need the understanding of locals and visitors alike. Explore. Respect. Enjoy it responsibly.



It takes just 30 minutes by bus from Bohinjska Bistrica to Bled, and just 20 minutes by train.

Take a walk around the lake, visit the Bled Castle and the Triglav National Park Information Centre. Take a pletna to the island, visit Straža or the Ojstrica viewpoint and enjoy the famous ”kremšnita” Bled cream cake.

Bled is also an excellent base for exploring other parts of the Julian Alps.



From Bled, continue towards Gorje and Vintgar Gorge. A 1.6 km long path leads through the picturesque Radovna Gorge. Local buses are available.

We also recommend a walk through the Pokljuka Gorge, which is part of the Juliana Trail.



A one-hour bus ride takes you from Lake Bohinj to Radovljica. Stroll through the charming town centre, decorated with houses dating back to the 16., 17. and 18. century. Don’t miss the Beekeeping Museum and try the excellent local culinary delights, famous far and wide.

Take a local bus or a rented bike to Begunje, to the Avsenik Inn and Museum, and then on to Draga, where Kamen Castle stands on a rocky cliff.



Continue along the Žirovnica Cultural Heritage Trail. In Breznica, you can see the beehive of beekeeper Anton Janša. Visit Vrba and the birthplace of the greatest Slovenian poet, Dr. France Prešeren, Doslovče and Finžgar’s birthplace.
and Žirovnica with Čop’s birthplace.

You can return by the same route or by bus or take the train from Žirovnica to Jesenice, from where you will return by train to Bohinjska Bistrica.



Visit the museums in Jesenice, Mojstrana, Radovna and Kranjska Gora. The Stara Sava in Jesenice especially comes alive during events. Jesenice is a good half-hour train ride from Bohinjska Bistrica.

Take a bus from Jesenice to nearby picturesque Kranjska Gora, surrounded by mountains.



In Mojstrana, visit the Slovenian Alpine Museum and walk to the Peričnik waterfall. In Kranjska Gora, stop by Lake Jasna, visit the beautiful Zelenci and the source of the Sava Dolinka, and don’t forget the summer tobogganing at the Kranjska Gora ski resort.

If you are tempted to visit Bovec in the Soča Valley on the same day, drive from Kranjska Gora over the Vršič Pass along the picturesque road that was built between 1. World war, built by prisoners of war, mainly Russians. Their victims are commemorated by the Russian Chapel, past which
you will drive. You will rise to an altitude of 1,611 m before descending into the Trenta Valley.



From Bohinjska Bistrica, the car train takes you to Most na Soči in 40 minutes. From there, you can continue to the unique Tolmin Gorge or the St. Spirit in Javorca, which was built between 1. World War and has the European Heritage Label. Take a walk around the surroundings, which are full of traces of the famous Soča Front.

In Kobarid, visit the Kobarid Museum of the 1. World War, the ossuary of the fallen soldiers and the Kozjak waterfall nearby. Along the emerald Soča River, you’ll pass the Boka Waterfall to Bovec, where you can take the funicular to the top of Kanin (2,293 m), Slovenia’s highest ski resort, which is connected to the Sella Nevea ski resort on the Italian side. You can also visit the Juliana Alpine Botanical Garden in Trenta.



A 40 minute car train ride will take you to Most na Soči, from where you can drive to Brda, a picturesque hilly landscape of vineyards and orchards, where high-quality wine ripens in the wine cellars and the sweetest fruit thrives in the sunshine.

After visiting Villa Vipolže and tasting wine drops, continue to Sabotin – Peace Park 1. World War, then to Nova Gorica, from where you return to Most na Soči. You can return to Bohinj by car or via the picturesque villages of Baška Grapa, Petrovo Brdo and Soriška planina.