When we add the excitement of every new experience to the natural background of Bohinj, we can say that we have had the perfect day and the perfect vacation.

Vacation is the time for experiences, and these await you behind every corner – those that we expect and those that surprise us and which we keep in our memory forever.

Don’t miss the meetings with local tourist guides and locals who will show you the secrets of Bohinj as only we, the locals from Bohinj know and love it.

You can discover Bohinj at guided tours and experiences that have been awarded the Bohinjsko/From Bohinj certificate.


  • Operator Tourist Board Bohinj
  • meeting place: inn Danica, Bohinjska Bistrica
  • contact for reservations: [email protected], +386 4 574 60 10
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Number of persons: up to 50 persons


  • 28,00 €/person, 6-9 persons
  • 20,00 €/person, 10-19 persons
  • 18,00 €/person, 20-29 persons
  • 13,00 €/person, 30-39 persons
  • 11,00 €/person, 40-49 persons


  • Lunch in Danica Restaurant from 12 €/person
  • Local music at lunch (extra charge)
  • Folklore group performance (extra charge)
  • Additional offers are possible by prior arrangement


In Bohinjska Bistrica, you will walk past the Joža Ažman Cultural Centre, Cecconi Park to the Bohinjska Bistrica Train Station, which has preserved the architecture from the time of Franz Joseph. From there, the trail will lead you to Zois Castle and the Zois Clock, all the while offering views of the Julian Alps with the Lower Bohinj Mountains and Triglav. The Tomaž Godec Museum, with its leather and archaeological collections and a small war museum, is located near Zois Castle. After visiting the museum, you will taste cured meat products at the Bohinj Meatworks and return to Danica past the monument to rain.
Explore the beauty of wild nature. Canyoning is an unforgettable adventure. Through canyoning you'll learn about the work of nature over millennia.

Traditional opening of the season of hikes to the most visited waterfall in Slovenia.

You are invited to the traditional hike to the Savica waterfall, which this year will be the 11th in a row The hike has three versions and is a recreational hike suitable for all generations. Experience a nice day of hiking in good company, where almost everything will be taken care of, as the entry fee includes: a welcome snack, a gift - a T-shirt, a ticket to the Savica Waterfall, and a snack and a drink at the finish line.


  • Adults: 12,00 € / 10,00 €*
  • Children up to 14. years: 10,00 € / 8,00 €*
  • Families: 35,00 € / 28,00 €*
*The reduced price applies to TD Bohinj members, TZS card holders and pre-booked guests.
Full-day circular hiking trail with an archaeologist - an experience awarded with the Bohinjsko/From Bohinj certificate Bohinj, with its natural iron ore resources, the mystical landscape around the Church of St. John the Baptist at the lake shore, the ancient Ajdovski gradec and the mysterious world of old tales are always tempting for explorers and visitors alike. The picturesque landscape, shaped by the local people over the centuries, cultural remains, customs and traditions can only be better known and experienced by an expert. Local archaeologist Mija Ogrin will guide you through ancient Bohinj on foot.
Guided tour with an archaeologist exploring high mountain sites A recently discovered high-mountain outpost of miners and shepherds, occasionally inhabited between 5. century BC . and 9. century. The tour includes a visit to the foundations of the old hut on Prednji Vogel, the archaeological site and the ore cave on Zadnji Vogel.
Guided tour of Ajdovski gradec with an archaeologist to learn about life in Bohinj 2500 years ago Ajdovski gradec is the name of an old settlement on a hill east of Bohinjska Bistrica. It was inhabited for over 1000 years - from the Iron Age until the decline of the Roman Empire. On the artificially levelled terraces were houses and smithies, protected by stone walls.
A tailor-made tour on the topic of Bohinj cheese and the history of cheese-making in Bohinj. Cheese production has a long tradition in Bohinj. Join us on a tour to learn about mountain farming and see how the famous Bohinj cheese is made. You will not only observe, but also taste the different cheeses. The tour can be organised by bike, car or bus. Starting point by arrangement.
Chocolate from Bohinj? In the Bohinj chocolate shop, chocolate flirts with authentic Bohinj ingredients. Let the dark chocolate with mohant and hemp seeds surprise you. This is only the beginning of a sweet story. In the chocolate shop, you can buy a Bohinj chocolate fairy tale as a gift or treat yourself to delicious sweet temptations - from chocolates with pollen, fudge, raspberries, strawberries or hazelnuts, to elderflowers, nettles and various herbs coated with chocolate.
In the Alps we have lots of good brandy in different flavours Learn about the flavours of local brandy, the history and production methods, and local stories and legends.
Culinary workshop - an experience awarded with the Bohinjsko/From Bohinj certificate Do you want to get to know Bohinj through its cuisine? Traditional dishes, intertwined with local ingredients, flirt with haute cuisine under expert guidance. You will be happy to use the recipes found in Bohinj's rich culinary heritage, which have been expertly adapted to modern tastes, in your everyday kitchen. The cooking workshop will be led by Katica Mikelj, who, together with members of the Rural Women Association, is selflessly sharing her knowledge and more than 30 years of experience in the catering industry with students and other trainees and course participants. She thoroughly enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience, as evidenced by the positive feedback from course participants.
An exceptional fishing experience with a qualified fishing guide Our largest permanent and natural lake of glacial origin is home to native lake trout, barbel, chub, brown trout, rainbow trout, perch and the non-native lake goldfish, a speciality among the lake's fish, especially known to gourmets. On Lake Bohinj it is allowed to fish from the shore and from a boat with one fishing tackle.
A complete experience with a professionally trained escort A small gem with crystal clear water, full of troughs and waterfalls, called Mostnica. It contains only naturally wild fish specimens; brown trout, grayling and rainbow trout. Fly fishing on Mostnica is only allowed for five anglers per day and only with a catch-and-release licence. Below the outlet of Lake Bohinj, the Jezernica and Mostnica rivers join to form the fast and clear Alpine river Sava Bohinjka. The crystal-clear Alpine "Živahnica" is a river of several districts that joins the Sava Dolinka at Lancovo. It is dominated by salmonids such as brown trout, rainbow trout, grayling, chub and suckers. The Sava Bohinjka is not lacking in beautiful natural features, such as fast and deep pools, rapids and calm parts, where even the most demanding angler can find a part of the Sava suitable for fishing.
Guided exercise on the lawn with Tamara Dobravec Tamara Dobravec is an internationally certified yoga and meditation teacher who combines a love of nature, yoga and simplicity in her lifestyle. At Yoga in the Nature of Bohinj, you will focus on breathing techniques, warming up with gentle yoga postures and sun salutation sequences to raise your vital energy. Round off the experience with a healthy and refreshing breakfast. Summer training sessions are suitable for basic level. Beginners are also welcome.
Unique view of the Julian Alps and Triglav - awarded with the Bohinjsko/From Bohinj certificate Bohinj has ideal thermal conditions for longer tandem paragliding flights. We offer a choice of take-off point from above 1000 m: from Vogel, Vogar or Studor. We promise unparalleled views of the Julian Alps and the Triglav Mountains, and often as far as the Adriatic Sea. We paraglide over Lake Bohinj, the high mountains and the picturesque Mostnica gorge. The best time to fly is in May and June, when the contrasts between the snow-capped mountains, the lake and the spring greenery in the valley are truly picturesque. That's when you can capture picturesque images a photo tandem flight.
Half-day trip to the Uskovnica, Praprotnica and Zajamniki pastures. The upper valley is overlooked by picturesque mountains, where cows graze in the summer months and pastoralism is still present. First, we climb to the Uskovnica pasture, then we continue through the forests of Pokljuka to Praprotnica and to the famous Zajamniki pasture, which amaze us with their magnificent views. A tour to fill your lungs and heart with fresh mountain air. By arrangement, you can also stop at the shepherd's for refreshments and cheese delicacies.
Off-road riding to Lake Bohinj is a delight in all seasons.
Paddle from the shortest Slovenian river to the longest. Lake Bohinj flows out from under the bridge as the Jezernica River. After 100 metres it joins the Mostnica stream. And this is where the Sava Bohinjka begins. Think about it, you could row all the way to the Black Sea! This time the guided experience with experienced guides will be slightly shorter. You will discover the most beautiful part of the river on the 7 km long Short River Kayak Trail, which leads you to the village of Brod, or the 17 km long Extend River Kayak Trail, where you will explore the river all the way to Soteska.
Combine hiking and cycling with a unique experience in the heart of the Julian Alps Combine two activities into one experience. We invite you to join us on a half-day hike along the most beautiful trails of Bohinj and the Triglav National Park.
Take a bike ride and discover the most beautiful corners of Bohinj with a local guide Whether it's your first time in Bohinj or you like to come back every year, we'll show you the hidden gems you need to see on a guided bike tour. A ride along Lake Bohinj, a visit to Vogel and a view of Triglav (by arrangement) and discovering the secrets of St. John's Church make for an unforgettable experience for individuals, families or groups.
Sprehod po eni najlepših vasi v Bohinju Stara Fužina je skozi zgodovino igrala pomembno vlogo pri razvoju območja. Lahek sprehod skozi vas je odličen način , da odkrijete najlepše zaklade.
Kolesarjenje po neokrnjeni naravi Triglavskega narodnega parka. Cena je na osebo in vključuje vodenje, izposojo električnega kolesa, čelade in kosilo v planšarski koči na Vojah.
A romantic hike on the snow-covered Vogel in the full moon. Price is per person and includes organisation, guiding, return shuttle ride, aperitif, dessert, tea or mulled wine, VAT


  • 10 – 20 persons
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Advance booking required at [email protected]
  • We adapt the guided tours to the curiosity of the participants (including schools and kindergartens).


  • per person
  • includes: guided tour, entrance fees, Bohinj snack, welcome drink.

Guided hike from Ribče Lazo to Ukanec

The Kravji Bal event is a real Bohinj feast with soul, tradition and preservation of Bohinj traditions, which is not to be missed.


  • 15 €/person for groups of 30 to 50 people
  • 20 €/person for groups of 20 to 30 people

A shorter horse-riding trip to a nearby hill is suitable for beginners and experienced riders.

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • terrain: asphalt and paved dirt roads
  • Starting point: Mrcina Ranč, Studor
  • prior reservation required by phone +386 (0)41 790 297


  • Minimum number of persons: 10
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • The programme is adapted to the age group.
  • Advance booking is required at [email protected].


  • per person, depending on the offer included.
  • includes: guiding, entrance fees, ingredients, Bohinj snack, welcome drink.
A light evening walk around hill Vrtovin A romantic experience for adults and exciting one for children. The trail runs on flat ground, so it is suitable for all ages. We will explore the nearby surroundings of Ribčev Laz with burning torches. You will find out interesting facts about the Church of St. John the Baptist, Triglav National Park and Lake Bohinj, and listen to the legend of Bohinj.
Learn the basics of knitting in a pleasant atmosphere - Experience awarded with the Bohinjsko/From Bohinj certificate


  • Minimum number of persons: 2
  • Duration: 3 x 2 hours/day
  • It is possible to organise a one-hour demonstration on how to knit a sock.
  • Advance booking is required at [email protected].


  • per person
  • includes: guiding, space, equipment, wool, Bohinj snack, welcome drink.