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Julian Alps: Bohinj card

Guests staying with the partners of Tourism Bohinj are eligible to purchase the Julian Alps: Bohinj Card. Before you book your accommodation, please check the availability of the Julian Alps: Bohinj Card. An additional condition for purchasing the card is that you have stayed with a partner of Tourism Bohinj for at least two nights.

All of these bus services can be used by anyone. There is no limit.

Parking and public transport

Parking is available all day on the following parking lots:
– P7 – Stara Fužina – Labora (15€/day, 7€ from 3 pm)
– P+R (P10) – Ribčev Laz – Kristal (10€/day)
– P+R (P14) – Senožeta (4€/day)
– P+R (P23) – Kobla (2€/day)
– P+R (P13) – Danica (4€/day)

In blue zones, parking is limited to a maximum of 2 hours. It is compulsory to indicate the time of arrival (parking clock or marked paper behind the windscreen). If there is a charge for parking, a parking fee is payable.

  • All parking machines allow you to pay in cash. More detailed instructions are available on each parking machine. Depending on the amount paid, you will receive a parking ticket to be placed in a prominent position on the dashboard of your car.

  • Most parking machines can also be used to pay by (bank) credit cards. Details of the payment options at individual car parks are given on the map at each car park.

  • There are several versions of parking cards available for different groups. The cards are intended for payment of parking fees in all car parks in the municipality of Bohinj equipped with parking machines bearing the Bohinj Municipality logo. The cards are Julian Alps: Bohinj card, Citizen of Bohinj, Owners of Holiday Homes and Apartments and Friend of Bohinj.

  • Users of parking spaces in the municipality of Bohinj can pay the parking fee by mobile phone:
  • – with the EasyPark mobile app (download the EasyPark app running on Android and iOS platforms, scan the code at the machine and select one of the payment options)
    – prek pogovornega bota, aplikacij: V poslovnih klepetalnicah Apple se uporabljajo naslednje aplikacije: Viber, Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger). The machines have a QR code that you scan and select a dialogue channel to pay the parking fee.
    – by SMS, following the instructions on each machine)
  • Each parking machine where payment by SMS or the Parkmewise mobile app is possible has more detailed payment instructions.

Each parking machine where payment can be made by SMS or the EasyPark mobile app has more detailed payment instructions.

Parking is free for motorcyclists, except in the car park at the Savica Waterfall.

People with disabilities can present their certificate at the Municipality and obtain a free parking card. This parking card allows passage through the barriers, also on the Voje-Vogar-Blato road.

Parking for several days is possible in the following car parks:
P14 Srednja vas (Senožeta)
P23 Boh. Bistrica (Kobla)
P9 Slap Savica
P12 Športni center Triglav Pokljuka (Rudno polje)
At the parking meter or. by the parking fee collector, you pay an amount based on the number of days you park.

Multi-day parking at Vorančkojci is possible, subject to payment of a parking fee according to the price list, for as many days as you expect to stay in the hills. For example: for 2 days, it costs €1.5/h x 28 h (because the parking charge is payable from 6:00 to 20:00). A cheaper alternative is the car park in Senožeta.

The parking fee in Senožeta (P14) for both cars and camper vans is payable at the parking meter in the car park. The tourist tax is payable at reception.

The parking fee and tourist tax in the caravan park at Bohinjska Bistrica Train Station is payable at reception.

The caravan park at Kobla car park (P23) in Bohinjska Bistrica is open from 1. 6. to 30. 9. It offers temporary parking during the peak summer season, when other caravan sites are full. Temporary parking is allowed for up to 12 hours. No tourist tax is payable.

  • The Stara Fužina – Voje – Vogar – Blato road is prohibited for caravans all year round, while Ukanc – Waterfall Savica main road is prohibited for caravans in July and August. Traveling by motorhome is also not allowed in natural surroundings and on roads where traffic signs indicate that motorized vehicles are not allowed (e.g. forest roads, field paths, etc.).
  • There are two campsites (Bohinj in Ukanc and Danica in Boh. Bistrica), and you can also spend the night in a campervan at the P14 Senožeta parking lot in Srednja vas or at the campervan parking lot at the railway station in Bohinjska Bistrica. During the peak summer season, you can also stay at the P23 Kobla car park in Boh. Bistrica.
  • Overnight parking of caravans is not allowed in other public car parks and areas in Bohinj.
  • During the day, it is also not allowed to park caravans at car parks P1 Ribčev Laz (in front of the post office), P4 Stara Fužina (Vegelj) and P27 Kamnje (Na Rju)

Parking for several days is possible (except for caravans). The appropriate amount must be entered into the parking meter (e.g. parking for 3 days = 18 EUR) Holders of the Julian Alps: Bohinj Card can park for free.

No, reservations are not possible. Organised services are designed to relieve the most congested points of individual motor traffic. In the case of larger groups, occasional transport can be arranged with the transport operators or taxi drivers operating on the desired route.


Bicycle rides are not allowed in the natural environment. In 2021, an amended Decree on the traffic regime of the municipality of Bohinj was accepted, prohibiting cycling along the northern shore of Lake Bohinj (from Mrenš to Ukanc). We kindly ask you to follow the rules. Bohinj has a beautifully maintained and picturesque cycle path which, as the locals say, takes you “around Bohinj”. It is just over 12 kilometres long and fairly easy. There is also a section for mountain bikers – over the Senožeta saddle to Brod, the path is gravel, so inexperienced cyclists are advised not to go, they should continue on the regional road or turn around.

Dog owners

Dogs are only allowed to swim in Lake Bohinj outside the bathing areas. The bathing water area extends from the church of St. John the Baptist to the end of the eastern shore of the lake (Fužinski zaliv bathing area) and a piece of the shore in Ukanc (Ukanc bathing area).

No live animals may be transported on public buses.

Exceptions are:

  • Service dogs of the police, army, customs, mountain rescue service and civil protection rescue units may be transported accompanied by their handlers, who must be on a leash and muzzled.
  • Guide dogs for blind and disabled persons with a guide, which do not need to be muzzled,
  • Smaller animals, which must be transported in suitable means of transport in such a way that other passengers are not endangered, hindered or disturbed. Dangerous and poisonous animals must not be transported. Animals must not move freely on the seat or on the floor. of the vehicle and must not pollute the vehicle.

The transport of dogs and small animals is only carried out by the carrier if the passenger accompanies the dog or small animal, takes full responsibility for it and guarantees that it complies with all the conditions laid down by veterinary legislation for so-called non-commercial movement (entry into public places and means of public transport). In case of overcrowding, dogs and small animals may not be transported. Dogs and small animals that are dirty or wet must not be transported. The transport of animals is free of charge.

Yes, dogs are welcome on board, and travel is free of charge.


If you have problems planning your holiday in Bohinj, we recommend you visit or call one of the tourist information centres. If you are already staying in Bohinj, you can visit one of the TIC. The first one on the way from Ljubljana (if you are travelling by car) is in Bohinjska Bistrica at 10 Mencingerjeva Street (TIC Bohinj, Bohinjska Bistrica), the second one at 48 Ribčev Laz (TIC Bohinj, Ribčevo Lazo), and the third one at 53b Stara (TIC Bohinj, Stara Fužina). In Stara Fužina, there is also the TNP Centre.

  1. If you are only in Bohinj for a day or two, the best choice is to buy theBohinj package. There are 6 different packages containing different attractions. They can be bought in summer.
  2. If you are staying in Bohinj for a longer period of time, it is more worthwhile to buy the Julian Alps: Bohinj Card. They can be bought at information centres and from some providers. You can buy a card for 3, 5 or 10 days. The Julian Alps: Bohinj Card includes entrance fees, public transport, parking and discounts from various providers.

The tap water in Bohinj is drinkable. Do not drink standing water.

If the lake is not refreshing enough for you, you can also take a dip in the Sava Bohinjka river. Swimming in Mostnica river is prohibited. Swimming is also forbidden in the high mountain lakes Triglav Lakes, Krn Lake, Kriška Lakes and the lake on Planina pri Jezeru.

  • Horse riding
  • Water sports
  • Zip line
  • Climbing
  • Exploring the Govic Cave
  • Skiing
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Fishing: 3 districts are available: Lake Bohinj, Sava Bohinjka and Mostnica. You need to buy a fishing licence.
  • Paragliding from Vogel or Vogar mountain
  • Bowling
  • Yoga in nature
  • Bohinj phototours

Good to know

Bohinj, more than just a lake.

Many people think that Bohinj is just the surroundings of Lake Bohinj. Bohinj is more than just a lake. Its story consists of 24 settlements (none of which is called Bohinj) scattered across the Upper and Lower Valleys, the Pokljuka Plateau, the Lake Basin and the Nomenj Valley. The Bohinj area also includes the high mountains and Jelovica.

The weather in Bohinj is unstable in all seasons. One minute the sun may be shining and the next minute storm clouds begin to gather in the sky.

There is a quote: In Bohinj, the rain has it’s youngsters. This indicates that it does indeed rain a lot in Bohinj.

That’s why anumbrellais a must for Bohinj, no matter how sunny the weather forecast. We also recommend a raincoat and waterproof shoes.

You can buy souvenirs in almost every shop, at the info centre and at the entrances to the attractions (waterfall, church…).

For those who want real Bohinj products, produce, etc. we suggest the Bohinjsko/From Bohinj certificate.

Bohinjsko/From Bohinj products and produce are of the highest quality and made by Bohinj farmers, craftsmen and entrepreneurs.

We also provide corporate gifts, which you can order at [email protected]

  • 1 and 2 January : New Year
  • 8 February: Prešeren Day
  • Easter and Easter Monday
  • 27 April: day of resistance against the occupier
  • 1 and 2 May: Labour Day
  • Pentecost Sunday
  • 25 June – National Day
  • 15 August: Assumption of the Virgin Mary
  • 31 October Reformation Day
  • 1 November: Remembrance Day
  • 25 December: Christmas
  • 26 December: Independence and Unity Day


  • Alpine climate (relatively harsh with cold winters and short summers, above-average rainfall and below-average air temperatures)
  • the heaviest rainfall is in autumn
  • Most clear days at the end of winter and in early spring
  • thickest snow cover in February and March
  • exposure to frequent temperature reversals


  • average annual temperatures in the Bohinj lowlands are around 8°C
  • August is the warmest month in both the valley and the mountains
  • the coldest month is January in the valleys and February in the mountains
  • autumn is warmer than spring
  • no more afternoon thunderstorms in autumn (most in June and July)
  • in autumn, temperatures are more bearable for strenuous walking than in summer, but the days are shorter
  • in October there is sometimes a distinct period of warm weather – Martin’s (or Indian) Summer
    dew and frost are the precipitation of fine weather
  • fog is present in Bohinj on average 90 days a year
  • Most sunny days are in the central mountains

In case of an accident or medical emergency, call 112.

  • Bohinj Health Centre Triglavska cesta 15, 4264 Bohinjska Bistrica tel: +386 4 572 71 00
  • Bohinj Pharmacy Triglavska cesta 15, 4264 Bohinjska Bistrica tel.: +386 4 572 77 40
  • Splošna bolnišnica Jesenice: Cesta maršala Tita 112, 4270 Jesenice tel.: +386 4 586 80 00

Info centres

Need help finding accommodation? Looking for tips for excursions or other activities to make your holiday in Bohinj more enjoyable? Need a map and quality information for safe hiking? Visit us at our info points. We’ll be happy to help.